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Alumni Q&A: Gaelle Ayamou

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Gaelle Amayou

Global Business Journalism graduates have had success in the worlds of journalism and business. 2016 GBJ graduate Gaelle Ayamou of Cameroon has taken another path. She is returned to China to pursue a Ph.D. at Tsinghua. Tendaishe (Emily Kay) Manyame of Zimbabwe, who entered the program in 2018, interviews Gaelle about her path to China and the value of Global Business Journalism.

Q: Why did you choose the Global Business Journalism program?

A: I had always wanted to study abroad. I have always been interested in journalism and business in general. So I thought the GBJ program was a big deal. My brother had studied at Tsinghua, and he sent me the link to the program

Q: What did you learn from the GBJ program?

A: The GBJ program is interesting. I didn't have a journalism background but I was interested in journalism. Everything about the program helps you in the Digital Age in which we live. For example, the multimedia course helped me diversify my talents, especially for the job I got at Tecno Mobile Company in Cameroon. I could communicate [through multimedia] and also do some sales analysis.

I have always been interested in journalism. The exposure here is incredible. You get to meet people who inspire you. People from all spheres of the world give lectures here and you are able to contact them after. This is so useful. So much information is readily available.[The] Bloomberg [digital news lab] is so useful.

Presentations change you. Every course in the program builds you. If you take full advantage of the program’s facilities and resources you will definitely benefit.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in the program?

A: GO FOR IT! It is invaluable being in China when everyone is talking about the Chinese economy and expansion. Being here in the middle of it all is first-hand experience. A lot of people have asked me why I am studying journalism in China, because of the perception the rest of the world has of the media in China. But being here will give you the right insight and understanding that the rest of the people in the world do not have. So the program gives

some training if you would want to be a journalist elsewhere in the world.

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