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Tsinghua alumni active in innovative efforts to combat the coronavirus epidemic

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Tsinghua alumni have been active in combating the coronavirus epidemic. (Tsinghua University photo)

As China's top university, Tsinghua counts many of the world's top scientists and technological innovators among its alumni. Faced with a global health challenge in the form of the coronavirus, many Tsinghua alumni are working on treatments, possible cures and other efforts to control the deadly virus. Here's the latest report from Tsinghua's LinkedIn account:

Tsinghua alumni around the world are taking the initiative to help fight against the coronavirus. Aside from the many donations:
Kuaishou launched the "Pneumonia Prevention and Control" channel, delivering accurate information on the epidemic situation to hundreds of millions of users in a timely manner.
Northern Light Venture Capital has developed new coronavirus detection kits and its teams have been working tirelessly to provide rapid and timely results and expand the kits’ capacity.
Since the beginning of the outbreak, Sogou Inc. has setup many new tools to help inform the population, but it has also developed new AI-based robots that serve medical staff in diagnosing this pneumonia.
Tsinghua personnel are united in showing their support with actions!
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