Our alumni: Global success stories in journalism and beyond


Samantha Nyabonda, a 2019 graduate from Zimbabwe, is a television host for Star Times media group in Beijing. The China-based company has been increasing its footprint in Africa. >>> See Samantha's LinkedIn profile

Marie Tam, a 2010 graduate, has worked since March 2021 as marketing manager for Nord Anglia Education in Hong Kong. >>> See Marie's LinkedIn profile


Vivan Yuen, a 2021 graduate from the United States, is working for SkyTV in San Francisco as a digital media analyst. >>> See Vivian's LinkedIn profile

Angela Hua, a 2020 graduate from Belgium, is working at Tsinghua University as a social media assistant. >>> See Angela's LinkedIn profile


Garbo Li, a 2018 graduate from Australia, is Content Editor at 陕文投 Shaanxi Culture Industry Investment Group.>>> See Garbo's LinkedIn profile


Lincoln Van der Westhuizen, a 2015 graduate from South Africa, is a Podcast Producer at CGTN Europe in London. He previously worked at Xinhua News Agency and China Radio International.      >>> See Lincoln's LinkedIn profile


Quan Yue  (全月 Frances), a 2018 graduate from China, is working for Caixin Media, where she was named "Reporter of the Year" for the publication for a combination of prolific output and reporting scoops. >>> See Frances' LinkedIn profile


Simone Martin, a 2017 graduate from Italy and producer of a 2017 mini-documentary on the GBJ program, is a managing editor for KrASIA, covering tech-driven businesses across the Asia Pacific region. He is a multi-platform journalist with over nine years of experience across Asia and America. Previously, he worked for video news agency CCTV+ and collaborated with financial newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, among other outlets. >>> See Simone's LinkedIn profile

Sarah Talaat, a 2018 graduate from the United States, is an account manager at Hylink Digital,  China’s largest independent digital full-service marketing and advertising agency. A specialist in social media, corporate communications and media relations, Sarah is working on the 2020 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. >>> See Sarah's LinkedIn profile

Viktória Fričová 方维亚, GBJ’s first graduate from Slovakia, is working as a fact checker for Demagog.SK, where her work involves investigating, analyzing, and fact-checking political statements. The 2017 graduate previously was business development director at Timeout Beijing, one of the most popular English language news sites in China's capital city.        >>> See Viktória's LinkedIn profile

Angela Feng, a 2020 graduate from Canada, is working as a business development manager in Beijing for Universum, a Stockholm-based employer branding company that serves over 1,200 clients and 1,500 universities worldwide. >>> See Angela's LinkedIn profile


Vitaliia Ivannikova, a 2020 graduate from Russia, is a social media marketing manager for ADV in Moscow. >>> See Vitaliia's LinkedIn profile

Ekaterina Kuznetzova (Екатерина Кузнецова), a 2019 graduate from Russia, is onsite manager at "Alternative - Career and Education Abroad," an international education company. Her duties include collaboration with international companies, translation and promoting the company on social media. >>> See Ekaterina's LinkedIn profile

Kristina Miladinoska, a 2018 graduate from North Macedonia, is focusing on corporate communications and media relations with Burson Cohn & Wolfe (formerly Burson-Marsteller) in Beijing. >>> See Kristina's LinkedIn profile


Jen Wang, a 2013 GBJ graduate, was promoted in June 2021 to Business Manager in the corporate office of nib Group, a healthcare corporation, in Sydney, Australia.  >>> See Jen's LinkedIn profile




Lucille Liu, a 2014 graduate from Canada, started with Bloomberg in Hong Kong in August 2018 for training, and then moved to the Beijing bureau to cover finance, specializing in regulation and regulatory agencies. She appears regularly on Bloomberg TV to talk about China stories. She previously worked for Caxin Global, where she was a mentor to Cecilia Chang (GBJ 2019). 


Nicole Sy, a 2015 graduate from the Philippines, works in Hong Kong for the Bloomberg News Social Content team, where she specializes in TicToc production. She is known as "The Bloomberg Terminal Expert" on her team. Immediately prior to this job, she worked for two years at the Bloomberg TV Philippines partnership, and previously at Xinhua News Agency.


Zen Soo, a 2015 program graduate from Singapore, is China technology reporter for the Associated Press. She previously worked for five years at the South China Morning Post, where she became one of the world’s leading experts on technology issues. >>> See Zen's LinkedIn profile


Tan Zongyang (Stephen Tan), a 2010 graduate from China, joined Tencent in May 2020 as a corporate public relations manager in Shenzhen. From 2012 to 2020 he was an editor on the Bloomberg News breaking news team in Hong Kong and a Beijing-based reporter for Bloomberg. He previously worked for China Daily. >>> See Zongyang's LinkedIn profile

Chengzhang Li, a 2018 GBJ graduate from Sichuan, is now the academic administrator for the Global Business Journalism program. She came to the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication's international office after working for Caijing in a partnership with Barron's magazine, covering the U.S. market for Chinese investors.

Linda Lew, a 2018 graduate from New Zealand, has become one of the most versatile reporters at the South China Morning Post. She has produced a wide range of multimedia content, including coverage of the city's 2019 civil strife and on-the-scene coverage of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.

Eric Fish, a 2011 graduate from the United States, is completing a book on Chinese students in America, from the 19th century to the present day. His 2015 book, "China's Millennials: The Want Generation," chronicled the nation's changing economic, social and political life.


Nick Compton, a 2013 graduate from the United States, joined Amazon as a product manager at Amazon Kindle. His projects have included launching Prime Reading in China, Kindle Unlimited and WeChat Pay on Kindles. He also writes business reports from Amazon’s China team to its executives in Seattle.

Joanita Kenta Tushabe, a 2017 graduate from Uganda, has created a publishing house in Kampala and expanded her business to Kenya and other parts of East Africa.

Celia Chen (Ya Chen), a 2016 graduate from China, is Senior Vice President ai-Qu & Co. in Beijing. A member of the company's founding team, she is in charge of VC related investment opportunities in China market. i-Qu & Co. is a new investment firm that focuses on accessing high-quality, risk-managed investment opportunities that can generate superior returns. >>> See Celia's LinkedIn profile

Cecelia Li, a 2015 graduate from the United States, is a senior content producer at the Alibaba Group, where she has worked since 2017. She previously worked at The New York Times and CCTV. >>> See Cecelia's LinkedIn profile

Han Bao, a 2017 graduate from China, is a business analyst for Meituan-Dianping in Shanghai. >>> See Han's LinkedIn profile

Tiffany Fan (范洋), a 2015 graduate from Canada, is a university lecturer in Hefei, Anhui province, China. >>> See Tiffany's LinkedIn profile


Tendie Manyame, a 2020 graduate from Zimbabwe, is working in Beijing as a translator at Undertreasure Mining consultancy. >>> See Tendie's LinkedIn profile

Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 10.36.32 PM.pn

Samantha Nyabondo found a media job in Beijing upon graduation from the Global Business Journalism program. The 2019 graduate from Zimbabwe is now a television host for the Star Times media group.

Eugene Aferin with students at LearningLeaders in Shanghai.

Akram Shabaani, a 2016 graduate from Iran, is chief correspondent for Eghtesad Online, the first economic news agency in Iran providing its audience with news and analysis in the field of economics.

Anish Pandey, a 2016 graduate from Nepal, has been an editor at China Daily since March 2017. >>> See Anish's LinkedIn profile

Matt Haldane, a 2015 graduate from the United States, is Production Editor with Abacus, owned by the South China Morning Post. He previously wrote about tech trends in Shenzhen where he got familiar with the intricacies of China's tech transformation.

Jimbum Parker (Park Jim-bum), a 2011 graduate, was a co-producer of the documentary "Super China," which first aired on the Korean Broadcasting System, has been broadcast across Asia and Africa and has received substantial publicity, including  a report on CGTN.

Claudine Housen, a 2015 graduate from Jamaica, is a New Media editor at CGTN in Beijing. >>> See Claudine's LinkedIn profile


Kai Kreos-Nemčok, a 2015-16 exchange student from Estonia, is now director of the Estonia-Asia Trade Agency at Enterprise Estonia, where she consults with Estonian companies and the government to help them to navigate the opportunities and difficulties in Asian markets. >>> See Kai's LinkedIn profile


Lauren Kyger, a 2016 graduate, is now Digital Content Manager at the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations in New York. She earlier wrote a series of perceptive analyses of global trade developments as Research Associate for International Trade Research at Hinrich Foundation Ltd.


Jordyn Dahl, also a 2016 graduate from the United States, who previously worked as an editor for the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy and a columnist for Forbes.com, is a news editor for LinkedIn’s expanding editorial team, covering small business.

Cecilia Li, a 2015 graduate from the United States, has worked for Alibaba Group in Beijing since 2017. Since December 2019 she has been a senior content producer. >>> See Cecilia's LinkedIn profile

Sijia Li, a 2020 graduate from Canada, is working as a copywriter for BDC in Montreal. >>> See Sijia's LinkedIn profile

Min Weiyuan (Wendy) 闵蔚远, a Chinese GBJ graduate, ​works for Ctrip Group in international affairs public relations, crisis management PR and as a translator.

Ekaterina Volozova, a 2011 GBJ graduate from Russia, is working in Atlanta, Georgia, as a senior purchasing agent in International Procurement Services for Mercedes-Benz USA.

Tendekai Finos, a 2017 graduate from Zimbabwe, is working on New Media content for CGTN+ in Beijing.

Kevin Shen (GBJ graduate, 2018) joined Deloitte Consulting in Shanghai, with an initial specialty of the auto industry.

Louis Barety, a 2015 graduate from France, is fundraising manager at Sino-Ocean Capital in Beijing. >>> See Louis' LinkedIn profile

Laura Mati, a 2014 graduate from Italy, has joined Deloitte Switzerland as an assistant manager for cyber. Laura has become one of Europe's leading women in cybersecurity. "One of my first projects allowed me to design operating models and set up global hubs for the delivery of cyber security services for various Swiss based global organizations," she reports.


Grace Shao, a 2017 graduate from Canada, has joined Alibaba Group as APAC PR Manager based in Hong Kong. "It’s an exciting time to be joining this tech behemoth and I'm looking forward to learning from some of the best in the tech and strategic communications space," she wrote in a LinkedIn update. "I’ve always loved covering the tech sector as a reporter and enjoyed telling stories from the other side for PayPal and Kuaishou last year. I'm eager to bring my experience to Alibaba and hopefully get to meet my colleagues in person soon!"

Silver Fu, a 2016 graduate from China, is Marketing And Public Relations Manager

for Ries Positioning Strategy & Consulting in Shanghai. >>> See Silver's LinkedIn profile


Steve (Jeong Sub) Parka 2013 graduate from Korea, has become Senior Manager for Regional Corporate Communication, East Asia, at Tencent in Seoul. He previously worked in senior positions for FleishmanHillard and Edelman. >>> See Steve's LinkedIn profile


Thomas Dodd Newton, a 2015 graduate from the United States, is a consultant for the Recondo Group in Greater Atlanta, providing cross-border investor services. He specializes in risk management, due diligence and asset recovery. >>> See his LinkedIn profile

Sichol Danaisawat, a 2015 graduate from Thailand, is Senior Web & Content Manager at Central Marketing Group (CMG) in Bangkok. >>> See Sichol's LinkedIn profile

Jonathan Gandari, a 2010 GBJ graduate from Zimbabwe, is the Zimbabwean national government's Chief Director for Government Programs and Messaging in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services.

Jonathan Gandari

Eugene Aferin, a 2017 graduate from Russia, has joined LearningLeaders in Shanghai, a company that operates debate and public speaking courses, as associate director of educational design. Previously, he worked for CGTN+, CGTN's Russian language channel, and Sputnik news service in Beijing.


Maryna Belkova, who in 2015 became the first GBJ graduate from Belarus, has been writing in Russian and Chinese for a group of magazines focusing on the bilateral relationship between the two nations, including China And Russia magazine and The New Silk Road magazine.


Zoya Rusinova, a 2018 graduate from Russia, is working as a journalist in Beijing. She has worked as a Beijing-based photographer for the TASS news service.

Ali Farman, a 2018 graduate from Pakistan, is working as a photographer in Hyderabad, Pakistan. >>> See Ali's LinkedIn profile

Caleb Sungeun Lee, a 2015 graduate from the United States, is director of global partnerships for ByteDance Inc. in Beijing. >>> See Caleb's LinkedIn profile

Mingxi Xie, a 2020 graduate from China, is a junior associate for mediation and dispute resolution at International Consulting and Security Consulting Ltd. (INCAS Consulting). She has been chosen as part of the 2022 cohort of the Schwarzman Scholars program. >>> See Mingxi's LinkedIn profile

Fatuma Matulanga, a 2014 graduate from Tanzania, has been promoted to head of the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation in Zanzibar. She hosts the TBC travel show “TBC Safari.”

IIcigumije Kayoya Bruce, a 2018 GBJ graduate  from Burundi, is a correspondent for Star Times TV in Beijing. He interviewed Sierra Leonean President Julius Maada Bio during the West African leader’s state visit to China.


Marcin Swider of Poland, who studied Global Business Journalism during his time at Tsinghua from 2013 to 2015, works in business development of blockchain projects for CloudBest, an innovative tech firm in Warsaw. He also is co-founder of the electronic manufacturing company City Lion Sp. z o.o.  >>> See Marcin's LinkedIn profile


Shaohua Liu, a 2014 graduate from China, won a "Top Reporter Award" by the People's Daily for the fourth straight year, based on quality and output. The 2013 Bloomberg intern also was mentor to 2019 GBJ graduate Ashley Yang.

Three GBJ graduates – Jiao Jie, Li Hongyang and Jing Shuiyu – are producing print and multimedia content for China Daily on subjects ranging from U.S.-China trade to young Chinese entrepreneurs.

Mengchen Lu was hired by Bloomberg in July 2018, a tear after winning the summer intern/mentoring  competition.

Jade Cao, a 2011 GBJ graduate, changed her job from Shanghai Securities Journal to the director of relations for a hedge fund. When Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait came to Beijing, Jade arranged for him and Executive Editor John Liu to meet the chairman.


Julie Cao, a 2017 graduate from Vietnam, has joined Prespa Consultancy in Adelaide, South Australia, as an accountant. >>> See Julie's LinkedIn profile

Gaelle Patricia Amayou, a 2016 graduate from Cameroon, and Liwen Zhang, a 2019 graduate from Canada, are pursuing Ph.D. degrees at the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communications.


Lu Crezia Dal Pra, a 2017 valedictorian from Italy, is Junior Talent Attraction & Employer Branding Specialist at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Milan. She has won awards for her social engagement with the community. 

Bhoj Raj Poudel, a 2015 graduate from Nepal, has become one of the country's foremost economic analysts, with a specialty in explaining the impact of the nation’s relationship with neighbors China and India. He is an advisor to the Journal of Liberty and International Affairs. He also has worked for Nepal's Ministry of Finance, Government of Nepal and the Asian Development Bank.

Alexis See Tho, a 2018 graduate from Malaysia, is working as Associate Editor for the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants in Kuala Lumpur.

Alanna di Tomasso, a 2019 graduate from Canada, has remained in China as ​an

assistant account executive for Edelman in Shanghai.

Ninjaa Suthana, a 2016 graduate from Thailand, is working in the head office of Thai Airways International PCL in Bangkok.

Yvonne Lek, a 2016 graduate from Singapore, in July 2021 celebrated four years as a research institute at Singapore's Ministry of Defence. >>> See Yvonne's LinkedIn profile

Long Yifan, a 2017 graduate from China, is working in marketing communications for Huawei Cloud. He previously worked in the New York bureau of China Daily.

Letwin Tawira, a 2017 graduate from Zimbabwe, is pursuing a Ph.D. in new media studies at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Yuki Nakajima, a 2018 graduate from Japan, is working for IBM in Tokyo.


Thanitun (Nut) Pokpunjaphorn, a 2018 graduate from Thailand, works in business development at Level Up Holding Co., ltd, in Bangkok.

Fan Yang, a 2015 graduate from Canada, is a teacher in Hefei, China. >>> See her LinkedIn profile

Fadhlanti Sharief, a 2014 graduate from Indonesia,  works in Jakarta as a senior manager for PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk. Her work involves helping young entrepreneurs. She is involved in event management, editing, media relations, corporate communications, and management.

Patrick Que, a 2016 graduate from the Philippines, is a Chinese language interpreter for Philippine Airlines based in Beijing. He previously was an intern for CNN. >>> See Patrick's LinkedIn profile 

Sandra Feng, a 2015 graduate from Canada, is an administrator at HTL Dental in Toronto. >> See Sandra's LinkedIn profile

Best practices: Check out these reports by Global Business Journalism Program graduates

Global Business Journalism graduate Linda Lew is interviewed by International Center for Journalists President Joyce Barnathan for a global webinar on COVID-19 coverage.

Click on each headline for the embedded link to the story. The latest alumni bylines are in red font.

Betsy Joles, The Washington Post

Years after Pakistan’s terrorism crackdown, many with no terrorist ties face risk of execution


Betsy Joles, Vice World News

Why deadly abortions keep killing women in Pakistan

Betsy Joles, Politico Europe

Hong Kong asylum seekers test EU-China relations: European countries seek to protect dissidents while not angering Beijing.

Betsy Joles, Wired

In war-torn Syria, contact tracers are fighting against the odds

Zen Soo, Associated Press

Hong Kong newspaper raided, tycoon detained under new law

Zen Soo, South China Morning Post

As demand for genetic testing grows in China, start-up 23Mofang can now tell if you have royal blood

Zen Soo, South China Morning Post

Lagging in semiconductors, China sees a chance to overtake the US with AI chips as 5G ushers in new era

Linda Lew, South China Morning Post

Language rules for Inner Mongolia another step to erode ethnic groups in China


Linda Lew, South China Morning Post

Coronavirus: mother of whistle-blower Li Wenliang demands answers for his treatment by Wuhan police


Linda Lew, South China Morning Post

China sends in top investigators after coronavirus erupts in jails

Linda Lew, South China Morning Post

Bronze Age rock carving at Hong Kong’s Cape Collinson and two Qing dynasty buildings declared monuments

Linda Lew, South China Morning Post

The Hongkongers from ethnic minorities who thank protest movement for helping them finally feel part of the city

Linda Lew, Technode

Tsinghua University is using the cloud to make it rain in the classroom

Simone Martin, KR-Asia

Asia is fertile ground for central bank digital currencies

Simone Martin, KR-Asia (with AJ Cortese)

As the short-video wave crests, ByteDance accelerates monetization through new verticals


Eric Fish, Foreign Policy

Were they lost students or inept spies for China? Two roommates traveling in Florida found themselves caught in espionage fears.

Eric Fish, South China Morning Post

How strained US-China relations are playing out in American universities


Eric Fish and Siqi Tu, Sinica Podcast

The Chinese student experience in America


Eric Fish, Time magazine

Tiananmen Shaped Chinaʼs History. But Chinese Millennials Have Mixed Views About Its Legacy

Eric Fish, SupChina

1919 to 2019: A century of youth protest and ideological conflict around May 4​

Grace Shao, CNBC

Fake videos could be the next big problem in the 2020 elections

Grace Shao, CNBC

Hong Kong just entered a recession. Experts say economy will ‘remain weak’ amid protests, trade war

Grace Shao, CNBC

Canada could take a harder stance on China — no matter who wins the next election


Bhoj Raj Poudel, Kathmandu Post

Cleaning the drainage: Nepal’s development bottleneck is largely due to the behavioural problems plaguing our leaders, bureaucrats and general citizens

Bhoj Raj Poudel (The Annapurna Express)

Nepal: Figurately richer

Lauren Kyger, TradeVistas.org

Fall favorite pumpkin spice latte. Thanks, trade.


Lauren Kyger, TradeVistas.org

Spanish olives in the pits over U.S.-EU trade tensions


Lauren Kyger, TradeVistas.org

U.S.-China FDI goes cold while venture capital heats up

Lucille Liu, Bloomberg Green (with Karoline Kan)

China Is Carrying Out the World’s Largest Climate Migration Program: Few other governments are able to enforce such mass relocations as climate change is stressing communities with drought, extreme weather, higher temperatures, and desertification.

Lucille Liu, Bloomberg News

From Texas to Tokyo, climate change is affecting the world's power supply and causing blackouts. Lucille Liu reports from a hydroelectric reservoir in Guizhou, China.


Lucille Liu, Bloomberg News

China to Sanction U.S. Senators Rubio, Cruz Over Xinjiang

Lucille Liu, Bloomberg News

China's $45 Trillion Market Is Opening Up. Here's What to Watch in 2020

Lucille Liu, Bloomberg News

China Regulators Highlight Stability in Bid to Stem Stock Market Rout​

Mengchen Lu, Bloomberg News

China Stocks at the Mercy of Foreigners Like Never Before


Mengchen Lu, Bloomberg News

Peppa Pig Lifts China Stocks as Grandpa Promo Goes Viral


Han Miao, Bloomberg News

China's grads sharpen skills as bigger paychecks prove hard to get


Han Miao, Bloomberg News

China’s Belt and Road Gets a Reboot to Boost Its Image


Yasutaka Tamura, Bloomberg News

Nippon Paint Joins Singapore-Based Wuthelam for $12 Billion

Matt Haldane, Abacus

Cord-cutting was already the norm in China when the coronavirus hit, as people turn to the likes of iQiyi, Tencent Video and Youku

Jiao Jie, China Daily

Graduate steers change from grassroots up


Li Hongyang, China Daily

New measures reinforce combat readiness of elite squadron

Jing Shuiyu, China Daily

US benefits more than China in bilateral trade, official says


Viktoria Fricova, KrASIA

Huawei is preparing extensive layoffs in the US

Jordyn Dahl, Forbes

How China Is On Course To Unseat U.S. As The Next Leader In Global Health

Jordyn Dahl, SupChina

‘Go Into A Field With Human-To-Human Interaction’: Kai-Fu Lee On AI, Big Data, And The Future

Nick Compton, SEN magazine

Autism in China: A silent epidemic

Zoya Rusinova, TASS News Agency (photo)

A parade in Beijing's Tiananmen Square marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China

Fatuma Matulanga, TBC Safari Channel

Zanzibar Spice Tour (video)