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Evaluation and admission

The Global Business Journalism program is a partnership between Tsinghua University, the International Center for Journalists and Bloomberg News. It is the premier English language business journalism master's program in Asia, and it has attracted students from more than 70 nations since its creation in 2007.

The evaluation process in five steps

1) GBJ admits students based on evaluation of their application documents together with a comprehensive assessment. The application materials are reviewed by an admission committee from TSJC, and the candidates for the comprehensive assessment will be selected for the admissions interview based on the review results. The specific content, format, requirements and time arrangements will be disclosed to applicants who advance to the comprehensive assessment.

2) The admissions interview consists of two steps: qualification verification and interview. The whole process will take about 20-30 minutes (including waiting time). But it's recommended that you stay flexible for 45 minutes to an hour. It is best to use a laptop rather than a cellphone. Please choose a well-lit, quiet space, and avoid any interruptions. Please dress appropriately and make sure you're on time to your virtual platform.

3) GBJ comprehensively considers the results of material review, admissions interview, comprehensive assessment and other factors, selects the best candidates, and determines the pre-admission list. A pre-admission letter will be issued by the GBJ office.

4) The Admission Offer will be issued by THU Graduate Admissions Office after the background check and admission documents have been reviewed by the University level, and the final admission result is released. Prior to this, applicants may check their admission status via this Application System .

5) Some applicants might need additional test after the GBJ admissions interview and must complete a news story assigned by the GBJ Office before a final decision on pre-admission is made. Successful completion of this assignment is necessary for acceptance to the GBJ program.

The application process in seven steps

1. Online Application

2. Materials review by the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication (TSJC) admissions committee

3. Admissions interview (Additional Test)

4. Pre-admission results issued by the Global Business Journalism Program (GBJ) Office

5. Scholarship application through Tsinghua University (Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) & Tuition scholarship)

6. Materials review and background check by the University level

7. Final admission (Offer) letter issued by the THU Admissions Office


Note: The additional test is given on a case by case basis, after the admissions interview. Candidates who will be given a test have to write a news story depending on a specific topic given by the admission panel.


Note: Candidates should apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship through Tsinghua University (Type B) after receiving the pre-admission letter. For those who are applying for scholarship through embassies (Type A), it is recommended that candidates apply as early as possible, or before the online application process. For more details, please check the "Scholarships section.





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