Global Business Journalism Lecture Series launches

Born of necessity amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Global Business Journalism Lecture Series has quickly become one of the most popular initiatives of the Global Business Journalism Program.

The lectures feature prominent journalists from around the world, as well as business leaders and policymakers. The one-hour sessions are

free and are open to Global Business Journalism students, alumni, faculty and friends. We are particularly pleased to welcome future students and potential applicants to sample our intellectually stimulating offerings from the comfort of their homes.

The Global Business Journalism Lecture Series offers diverse viewpoints from a wide range of

speakers. The series includes sessions building journalism skills, discussions of important trends in journalism and communication, and informative lectures on major international public policy issues. Among the key missions of the series is fostering women's leadership, promoting diversity in workplaces and building cross-cultural bridges among people from different nations.

Upcoming speakers

All sessions are scheduled for 9 p.m., China time, 9 a.m. EDT (Washington time), unless otherwise noted. Email us at for Zoom conference ID


Mark Hamrick

Washington bureau chief,

Analyst, U.S. and world economic trends

Topic: The state of the U.S. economy and its global implications

Sharon Jayson

Mark Hamrick


Sharon Jayson

Multimedia journalist and media strategist

Former reporter, USA Today

Award winning television anchor, radio reporter, newspaper and magazine reporter, cross-platform storyteller

Topic: The importance of using real people to more effectively tell economic and trend stories​

FUTURE SPEAKERS (dates to be determined)

Jonathan Salant

Washington reporter, New Jersey Advance Media

Award-winning reporter specializing in the impact of political money in U.S. elections and government

Mika Hentunen

Washington reporter, YLE News

A top Finnish journalist will discuss what it is like to report from a foreign capital for an audience in another country

Keith Epstein

Investment researcher/investigator, Blue Heron Research Partners

Former investigative reporter, BusinessWeek, Huffington Post, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Past speakers