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Graduates of the Global Business Journalism program span six continents and more than 70 countries. Here are some of their success stories in the worlds of journalism, business and beyond.

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19 countries


Global Business Journalism program graduates have used taken their talents around the world. GBJ alumni work in dozens of countries in industries such as traditional media,  New Media, finance, technology and consulting. They work for multinational giants, small to mid-size companies, start-ups, nonprofits, government agencies and NGOs. Some GBJ alumni have become entrepreneurs. 

Here is a partial list of GBJ participants from Europe.

Maryna Belkova.jpeg

Maryna Belkova, Belarus

Sophie van der Meer GBJ .jpeg

Sophie van der Meer, The Netherlands

Moundhir Michael GBJ 2019.jpeg

Moundhir Sajjad Bechari, France


Angela Hua, Belgium

Laura Mati, 2014, Italy

Laura Mati, Italy

Simone Martin KrAsia.png

Simone Martin, Italy

Eugene Aferin, Russia, 2017

Eugene Aferin, Russia

Alena Radina GBJ 2018.jpeg

Alena Radina, Russia

Maryna Belkova, Belarus

Maryna  in 2015 became the first GBJ graduate from Belarus, has been writing in Russian and Chinese for a group of magazines focusing on the bilateral relationship between the two nations, including China And Russia magazine and The New Silk Road magazine. >>> See Maryna's LinkedIn profile.

Sophie van der Meer, The Netherlands

An outstanding GBJ student from 2017 to 2019, Sophie is a 

Producer/Verslaggever VS for RTL Nieuws, a Dutch television network, in New York. She previously was an editor/redacteur

for Nieuwsuur in Hilversum in the Netherlands. >>> See Sophie's LinkedIn profile

Moundhir Sajjad Bechari, France

A 2017-2019 GBJ student from France, Moundhir (Michael) is a political analyst for Phoenix TV in Beijing. He is a recurring contributor for the TigerTalk political debate show,
commenting most frequently on Sino-EU relations, as well as French politics. He previously was a commentator on CGTN's French network. During his time at Tsinghua, he was a presenter and program director for Silk Road Television. He has authored numerous articles and books on a wide range of topics including China, the EU, France, the U.S. and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. >>> See Michael's LinkedIn profile

Angela Hua, Belgium

A 2020 graduate from Belgium, Angela is a social media officer at the European Investment Bank. She has worked from Brussels, Luxembourg and Beijing. >>> See Angela's LinkedIn profile

Lu Crezia Dal Pra, Italy

A 2017 valedictorian from Italy, Lu Crezia is Junior Talent Attraction & Employer Branding Specialist at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Milan. She has won awards for her social engagement with the community. 

Viktória Fričová 方维亚, Slovakia

GBJ’s first graduate from Slovakia, Viktória is working as a fact checker for Demagog.SK, where her work involves investigating, analyzing, and fact-checking political statements. The 2017 graduate previously was business development director at Timeout Beijing, one of the most popular English language news sites in China's capital city.        >>> See Viktória's LinkedIn profile

Zoya Rusinova, Russia

A 2018 graduate from Russia, is working as a journalist in Beijing. She has worked as a Beijing-based photographer for the TASS news service. >>> See Zoya's LinkedIn profile.

Sasha Grebneva, Russia

A 2018 graduate from Russia, Sasha is based in London and is research manager for the Energy Safety Institute. She has been studying for a Ph.D. She has worked for two United Nations agencies: UNICEF in Kathmandu, Bāgmatī, Nepal, and the UN Development Program (UNDP) in Tajikistan. >>> See Sasha's LinkedIn profile

Vitaliia Ivannikova, Russia

A 2020 graduate from Russia, is a social media marketing manager for ADV in Moscow. >>> See Vitaliia's LinkedIn profile

Ekaterina Kuznetzova (Екатерина Кузнецова), Russia

A 2019 graduate from Russia, Ekaterina is onsite manager at "Alternative - Career and Education Abroad," an international education company. Her duties include collaboration with international companies, translation and promoting the company on social media. >>> See Ekaterina's LinkedIn profile

Marcín Swider, Poland

Marcín, who studied Global Business Journalism during his time at Tsinghua from 2013 to 2015, works in business development of blockchain projects for CloudBest, an innovative tech firm in Warsaw. He also is co-founder of the electronic manufacturing company City Lion Sp. z o.o.  >>> See Marcín's LinkedIn profile

Laura Mati, Italy

A 2014 graduate from Italy, Laura has joined Deloitte Switzerland as an assistant manager for cyber. Laura has become one of Europe's leading women in cybersecurity. "One of my first projects allowed me to design operating models and set up global hubs for the delivery of cyber security services for various Swiss based global organizations," she reports. >>> See Laura's LinkedIn profile.

Simone Martin, Italy

 A 2017 graduate from Italy and producer of a 2017 mini-documentary on the GBJ program, Simone is a managing editor for KrASIA, covering tech-driven businesses across the Asia Pacific region. He is a multi-platform journalist with over nine years of experience across Asia and America. Previously, he worked for video news agency CCTV+ and collaborated with financial newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, among other outlets. >>> See Simone's LinkedIn profile

Kristina Miladonska, North Macedonia

A 2018 graduate, Kristina is GBJ's first student from North Macedonia. She is focusing on corporate communications and media relations with Burson Cohn & Wolfe (formerly Burson-Marsteller) in Beijing. >>> See Kristina's LinkedIn profile

Kai Kreos-Nemčok, Estonia

A 2015-16 exchange student from Estonia, is now director of the Estonia-Asia Trade Agency at Enterprise Estonia, where she consults with Estonian companies and the government to help them to navigate the opportunities and difficulties in Asian markets. >>> See Kai's LinkedIn profile

Louis Barety, France

A 2015 graduate from France, Louis is fundraising manager at Sino-Ocean Capital in Beijing. >>> See Louis' LinkedIn profile

Dorina Marlen Heller, Germany

A 2016-2017 exchange student from Germany,  Dorina is Assistant to the Equal Opportunities Commissioner at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and a freelance journalist, communications consultant & copywriter. She recently edited an issue of the German healthcare magazine Praxis Palliative Care on living mindfully – „Achtsam leben.“  >>> See Dorina's LinkedIn profile

Eugene Aferin, Russia

A 2017 graduate from Russia, Eugene is a London-based associate for LearningLeaders, a company that operates debate and public speaking courses. He moved to England in 2023 after working for LearningLeaders in Shanghai since 2020. Previously, he worked for CGTN+, CGTN's Russian language channel, and Sputnik news service in Beijing. >>> See Eugene's LinkedIn profile.

Alena Radina, Russia

A 2018 graduate from Russia, Alena is an account executive at Fiftyfive5, which is part of Accenture Song. She received her Ph,D. from the University of Technology Sydney, where she also worked as a lecturer and tutor.During her time at Tsinghua, she worked as a producer at Mandarin Film Productions Ltd.  Before joining GBJ, she was a reporter for НТВ Russian TV channel on the daily news broadcast program ‘‘Day Results’’  >>> See Alena's LinkedIn profile 

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Global Business Journalism program graduates have used taken their talents around the world. GBJ alumni work in dozens of countries in industries such as traditional media,  New Media, finance, technology and consulting. They work for multinational giants, small to mid-size companies, start-ups, nonprofits, government agencies and NGOs. Some GBJ alumni have become entrepreneurs. Click on each box below to take a look at what GBJers are doing now.

Alumni videos

Global Business Journalism graduate Linda Lew is interviewed by International Center for Journalists President Joyce Barnathan for a global webinar on COVID-19 coverage.

2017 graduate Grace Shao reports for CNBC in 2020 about the challenges posed by deep-fake technology.

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