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Graduates of the Global Business Journalism program span six continents and more than 70 countries. Here are some of their success stories in the worlds of journalism, business and beyond.

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Global Business Journalism program graduates have used taken their talents around the world. GBJ alumni work in dozens of countries in industries such as traditional media,  New Media, finance, technology and consulting. They work for multinational giants, small to mid-size companies, start-ups, nonprofits, government agencies and NGOs. Some GBJ alumni have become entrepreneurs. 

Here is a partial list of GBJ participants from China.

Yu Bokun GBJ CGTN.jpeg

Yu Bokun

Jarchine reporting.png

Zhou Jaxin (Jarchine Zhou)

Rick Chengzhang.jpg

Li Chengzhang, with GBJ co-director Rick Dunham

Jiao Jie GBJ.jpeg

Jiao Jie

Weiyue Cynthia Chen GBJ.jpeg

Weiyue (Cynthia) Chen

Jing Shuiyu.jpeg

Jing Shuiyu

Long Yifan GBJ.jpeg

Long Yifan 龙亦凡 

Silver Fu GBJ.jpeg

Silver Fu

Celia Chen.jpeg

Celia Chen (Ya Chen)

Zhuo Zhang GBJ.jpeg

Zhuo Zhang

Stephen Tan Nicole Sy Lucille Liu_edited

Tan Zongyang (Stephen Tan)

Quan Yue (全月 Frances)

Quan Yue  (全月 Frances), a 2018 graduate from China, is working for Caixin Media, where she was named "Reporter of the Year" for the publication for a combination of prolific output and reporting scoops. >>> See Frances' LinkedIn profile

Yu Bokun (Melody/Melodia)

Yu Bokun, a 2019 GBJ graduate  from China, has been a business reporter at CGTN since 2019. While studying at Tsinghua, she was an intern for Reuters and Caixin. She has also written for The Times of Israel, where she interviewed the Israeli ambassador to China, among other assignments. >>> See Bokun's LinkedIn profile 

Zhou Jaxin (Jarchine Zhou)

Zhou Jaxin (Jarchine Zhou), a 2016 graduate from China, is an international correspondent for CGTN news. He has reported from Wuhan in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, from Ukraine following the 2022 Russian invasion, at G-20 summits, and from many other big breaking news stories. During his time at Tsinghua, Jarchine interned both for CCTV and CGTN in Washington, D.C. Before joining GBJ, he was a business development executive for China National Building Materials International.

Li Chengzhang

Li Chengzhang, a 2018 GBJ graduate from Sichuan, is now the academic administrator for the Global Business Journalism program. She came to the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication's international office after working for Caijing in a partnership with Barron's magazine, covering the U.S. market for Chinese investors.

Liu Shaohua

Liu Shaohua, a 2014 graduate from China, won a "Top Reporter Award" by the People's Daily for four straight years based on work quality and output. The 2013 Bloomberg intern also was mentor to 2019 GBJ graduate Ashley Yang.

Jiao Jie

Jiao Jie is a multimedia content producer and editor for China Daily. Se has produced reports on subjects ranging from U.S.-China trade to young Chinese entrepreneurs. During her studies at GBJ, she contributed to stories at news outlets including The New York Times.

Weiyue (Cynthia) Chen

Weiyue (Cynthia) Chen, a 2016 graduate from China, is an assistant professor at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. She joined Butler University to teach Media Entrepreneurship and Audience Research/Analytics in 2020 and completed her Ph.D. in Information and Media at Michigan State University in 2021. "My major research interests are: 1) news consumption, which includes paying for news and news repertoire; 2) management issues within media organizations; 3) media audience/consumer behavior," Weiyue reports. "My first lead-author research on paying for news was featured by American Press Institute." >>> See Weiyue's LinkedIn profile

Jing Shuiyu

Jing Shuiyu, a 2016 graduate from China, is a reporter on the credit team at Bloomberg News in Beijing. She covers distressed investments, bond sales and other credit issues. She previously was a journalist at China Daily. During her time at Tsinghua, she was an intern at CCTV and Morgan Stanley. >>> See Shuiyu's LinkedIn profile

Jade Cao (Chengyu)

Jade Cao (Cao Chengyu), a 2012 GBJ graduate, changed her job from Shanghai Securities Journal to the director of relations for a hedge fund. When Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait came to Beijing, Jade arranged for him and Executive Editor John Liu to meet the chairman. During her time at Tsinghua, she was an intern at Merrill Lynch. >>> See Jade's LinkedIn profile

Kevin Shen

Kevin Shen (GBJ graduate, 2018) joined Deloitte Consulting in Shanghai, with an initial specialty of the auto industry. During his time at Tsinghua, he won an international student debate championship in Paris with his partner Eugene Aferin of Russia.

Xie Mingxi

Xie Mingxi, a 2020 graduate from China, is a junior associate for mediation and dispute resolution at International Consulting and Security Consulting Ltd. (INCAS Consulting). She has been chosen as part of the 2022 cohort of the Schwarzman Scholars program. >>> See Mingxi's LinkedIn profile

Min Weiyuan (闵蔚远 Wendy Min)

Min Weiyuan (Wendy Min 闵蔚远), a Chinese GBJ graduate, ​works for Ctrip Group in international affairs public relations, crisis management PR and as a translator.

Li Hongyang

 Li Hongyang produces print and multimedia content for China Daily.

Marie Tam

Marie Tam, a 2010 graduate, has worked since March 2021 as marketing manager for Nord Anglia Education in Hong Kong. >>> See Marie's LinkedIn profile

Han Bao

Han Bao, a 2017 graduate from China, is a business analyst for Meituan-Dianping in Shanghai. >>> See Han's LinkedIn profile

Long Yifan 龙亦凡 

Long Yifan 龙亦凡, a 2017 graduate from China, is working in marketing communications for Huawei Cloud. He previously worked in the New York bureau of China Daily. >>> See Yifan's LinkedIn profile.

Silver Fu

Silver Fu, a 2016 graduate from China, is Marketing And Public Relations Manager for Ries Positioning Strategy & Consulting in Shanghai. >>> See Silver's LinkedIn profile

Wu Yanni

Wu Yanni, a 2014 graduate from China, was a visiting fellow at Harvard University. She is enrolled in the Ph.D. program of the Tsinghua Public Policy and Management School, specializing in developing country studies. While studying in GBJ, she was an intern for Xinhua News Agency in Nairobi, Kenya. >>> See Yanni's LinkedIn profile 

Celia Chen (Ya Chen)

Celia Chen (Ya Chen), a 2016 graduate from China, is the founder of Bestarr Ventures in Beijing. She descries Bestarr as a "human-centric enterprise" that "firmly believe[s] relationships and shared camaraderie empower entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles and achieve success." Celia also serves as Senior Vice President ai-Qu & Co. in Beijing. A member of the company's founding team, she is in charge of VC related investment opportunities in China market. i-Qu & Co. is a new investment firm that focuses on accessing high-quality, risk-managed investment opportunities that can generate superior returns. >>> See Celia's LinkedIn profile

Jen Wang

Jen Wang, a 2013 GBJ graduate, was promoted in June 2021 to Business Manager in the corporate office of nib Group, a healthcare corporation, in Sydney, Australia.  >>> See Jen's LinkedIn profile

Zhuo Zhang

Zhuo Zhang, a 2016 graduate from China, Zhuo Zhang is a

Performance Marketing Data Analyst for Serviceplan Group of Munich, Germany. She is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Erfurt. She has eight years of experience of cross-displinary research with a focus on political communication and data modeling. Her specialties are foreign policy analysis, data-driven decision making, and strategy developmen. >>> See Zhuo's LinkedIn profile

Tan Zongyang (Stephen Tan)

Tan Zongyang (Stephen Tan), a 2010 graduate from China, joined Tencent in May 2020 as a corporate public relations manager in Shenzhen. From 2012 to 2020 he was an editor on the Bloomberg News breaking news team in Hong Kong and a Beijing-based reporter for Bloomberg. He previously worked for China Daily. >>> See Zongyang's LinkedIn profile

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Global Business Journalism program graduates have used taken their talents around the world. GBJ alumni work in dozens of countries in industries such as traditional media,  New Media, finance, technology and consulting. They work for multinational giants, small to mid-size companies, start-ups, nonprofits, government agencies and NGOs. Some GBJ alumni have become entrepreneurs. Click on each photo below to take a look at what GBJ graduates from that continent are doing now.

Alumni videos

Global Business Journalism graduate Linda Lew is interviewed by International Center for Journalists President Joyce Barnathan for a global webinar on COVID-19 coverage.

2017 graduate Grace Shao reports for CNBC in 2020 about the challenges posed by deep-fake technology.

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