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Graduates of the Global Business Journalism program span six continents and more than 70 countries. Here are some of their success stories in the worlds of journalism, business and beyond.

Old Globe



7 countries

The Americas

The United States, Canada,
the Caribbean, Central America
and South America

Lucille Liu

Eric Fish

Matt Haldane

Grace Shao

Jordyn Dahl

Sijia Li

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Alanna di Tomasso

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David Bartle

Lucille Liu

Lucille Liu, a 2014 graduate from Canada, started with Bloomberg in Hong Kong in August 2018 for training, and then moved to the Beijing bureau to cover finance, specializing in regulation and regulatory agencies. She appears regularly on Bloomberg TV to talk about China stories. She previously worked for Caxin Global, where she was a mentor to Cecilia Chang (GBJ 2019). 

Eric Fish

Eric Fish, a 2011 graduate from the United States, is an independent freelance journalist and author based in North Carolina. He is completing a book on Chinese students in America, from the 19th century to the present day. His 2015 book, "China's Millennials: The Want Generation," chronicled the nation's changing economic, social and political life. >>> See Eric's LinkedIn profile.

Angela Feng

Angela Feng, a 2020 graduate from Canada, is working as a business development manager in Beijing for Universum, a Stockholm-based employer branding company that serves over 1,200 clients and 1,500 universities worldwide. >>> See Angela's LinkedIn profile

Matt Haldane

Matt Haldane, a 2015 graduate from the United States, is Production Editor with Abacus, owned by the South China Morning Post. He previously wrote about tech trends in Shenzhen where he got familiar with the intricacies of China's tech transformation.

Vivian Yuen

Vivan Yuen, a 2021 graduate from the United States, is working for SkyTV in San Francisco as a digital media analyst. >>> See Vivian's LinkedIn profile

Cecelia Li

Cecelia Li, a 2015 graduate from the United States, is a senior content producer at the Alibaba Group, where she has worked since 2017. She previously worked at The New York Times and CCTV. >>> See Cecelia's LinkedIn profile

Claudine Housen

Claudine Housen, a 2015 graduate from Jamaica, is a New Media editor at CGTN in Beijing. >>> See Claudine's LinkedIn profile

Nick Compton

Nick Compton, a 2013 graduate from the United States, joined Amazon as a product manager at Amazon Kindle. His projects have included launching Prime Reading in China, Kindle Unlimited and WeChat Pay on Kindles. He also has written business reports from Amazon’s China team to its executives in Seattle. >>> See Nick's LinkedIn profile.

Grace Shao

Grace Shao, a 2017 graduate from Canada, is associate director at FGS Global in Hong Kong, where she advises clients on critical issues, media relations, geopolitical challenges, and corporate positioning. She previously worked for Alibaba Group as APAC PR Manager based in Hong Kong. She previously was a reporter for CNBC and CGTN. >>> See Grace's LinkedIn profile.

Thomas Dodd Newton

Thomas Dodd Newton, a 2015 graduate from the United States, is a consultant for the Recondo Group in Greater Atlanta, providing cross-border investor services. He specializes in risk management, due diligence and asset recovery. >>> See his LinkedIn profile

Jordyn Dahl

Jordyn Dahl, also a 2016 graduate from the United States, who previously worked as an editor for the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy and a columnist for, is a news editor for LinkedIn’s expanding editorial team, covering small business.

Lauren Kyger

Lauren Kyger, a 2016 graduate, is now Digital Content Manager at the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations in New York. She earlier wrote a series of perceptive analyses of global trade developments as Research Associate for International Trade Research at Hinrich Foundation Ltd.

Cecilia Li

Cecilia Li, a 2015 graduate from the United States, has worked for Alibaba Group in Beijing since 2017. Since December 2019 she has been a senior content producer. >>> See Cecilia's LinkedIn profile

Sijia Li

Sijia Li, a 2020 graduate from Canada, is working as a copywriter for BDC in Montreal. >>> See Sijia's LinkedIn profile

Alanna di Tomasso

Alanna di Tomasso, a 2019 graduate from Canada, has account exective for brand and new business at Edelman in Montreal since 2021. She started with Edelman in Shanghai as ​an assistant account executive for Edelman in Shanghai. >>> See Alanna's Linked In profile.

Sandra Feng

Sandra Feng, a 2015 graduate from Canada, is an administrator at HTL Dental in Toronto. >> See Sandra's LinkedIn profile

Caleb Lee

Caleb Sungeun Lee, a 2015 graduate from the United States, is director of global partnerships for ByteDance Inc. in Beijing. >>> See Caleb's LinkedIn profile

Tiffany Fan

Tiffany Fan (范洋), a 2015 graduate from Canada, is a university lecturer in Hefei, Anhui province, China. >>> See Tiffany's LinkedIn profile

Liwen Zhang

Liwen Zhang, a 2019 graduate from Canada, is pursuing a Ph.D. degrees at the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communications. She has been the co-author of several peer-reviewed articles during her Ph.D. studies.

Fan Yang

Fan Yang, a 2015 graduate from Canada, is a teacher in Hefei, China. >>> See her LinkedIn profile

David Bartle

David Bartle, a 2022 graduate from the United States, writes and edits B2C & B2B blog content for Enact Systems Inc., a Chicago-based company. He previously was a freelance journalist in Tulsa, Oklahoma. >>> See David's LinkedIn profile.

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Global Business Journalism program graduates have used taken their talents around the world. GBJ alumni work in dozens of countries in industries such as traditional media,  New Media, finance, technology and consulting. They work for multinational giants, small to mid-size companies, start-ups, nonprofits, government agencies and NGOs. Some GBJ alumni have become entrepreneurs. Click on each box below to take a look at what GBJers are doing now.

Alumni videos

Global Business Journalism graduate Linda Lew is interviewed by International Center for Journalists President Joyce Barnathan for a global webinar on COVID-19 coverage.

2017 graduate Grace Shao reports for CNBC in 2020 about the challenges posed by deep-fake technology.

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