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Tsinghua' campus is one of the world's most beautiful. It contains first-class amenities and a welcoming atmosphere for international students.

Tsinghua University: A video overview


Want a quick backgrounder on Tsinghua University? Here's a video produced by the university.

Take a tour of the Tsinghua campus from the comfort of your digital device.

The Tsinghua campus: A virtual tour


What it's like to study in GBJ

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What is daily life like on the Tsinghua campus? Check out our video and then read some advice and observations from students!

What is the daily routine of a Global Business Journalism student? Follow along as Irene Angelia of Indonesia takes you through a typical day on campus.

Follow along as Global Business Journalism student Cynthia Yin of the United States takes you on a video tour of her daily study regimen.

A day in the life of a GBJ student

Tsinghua students GBJ visit to Bloomberg.png

Dorm life at Tsinghua

Evender Hsu GBJ.jpeg

What's it like to live on the Tsinghua campus? Global Business Journalism reporter Irene Angelia of Indonesia takes you on a tour of her Zijing dormitory.

Four Tsinghua students try to buy lunch at the Zijing canteen for less than ¥20 (about US$2.75).

Campus food

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A foreigner adjusts to life at Tsinghua

Kate Belarus.png

Kate, a Tsinghua journalism student from Belarus, talks about her adjustment to life in China.

Tsinghua is beautiful in every season of the year. Take a look at the first snowfall of the 2023-2024 academic year.

A school for all seasons

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Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication in renovation

How to find the journalism school on the Tsinghua campus 

By taxi: Take taxi to the West Gate of Tsinghua University ("xi men" in Pinyin), turn east (along the red line), and get down the taxi at the Old Gate of the campus ("er xiao men" in Pinyin).  Then turn north, walk for about five minutes to the Omnicom Building ("Hong Meng Lou" in Pinyin). Or direct the taxi driver to take you to our building by following the red line highlighted in the map.

By subway: Take subway Line 4 to the Yuan Ming Yuan station. Walk east for one block to the West Gate ("xi men") of Tsinghua University.  Continue to walk eastward along the main road (Qinghua Lu) until  you reach the Old Gate ( "er xiao men"), about a ten-minute walk. Then turn north, following the eastern (right-hand) side of the college green until you reach the rose garden. Turn right and walk about 100 meters. You will see the Omnicom Building ("Hong Meng Lou") at the end of the rose garden..

Note: You must receive security clearance to enter the Tsinghua campus. Please contact us to apply for access.

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