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Graduates of the Global Business Journalism program span six continents and more than 70 countries. Here are some of their success stories in the worlds of journalism, business and beyond.

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(excluding China)

Global Business Journalism program graduates have used taken their talents around the world. GBJ alumni work in dozens of countries in industries such as traditional media,  New Media, finance, technology and consulting. They work for multinational giants, small to mid-size companies, start-ups, nonprofits, government agencies and NGOs. Some GBJ alumni have become entrepreneurs. 

Here is a partial list of GBJ participants from Asia (outside of China).

Nicole Sy GBJ.jpeg

Nicole Sy, The Philippines

Akram Shabaani GBJ.jpeg

Akram Shabaani, Iran

Jinbum Parker GBJ.jpeg

Jimbum Parker, South Korea

Minyoung Lee GBJ 2018.jpeg

Minyoung Lee, South Korea

Thanitnun Nut GBJ.jpeg

Thanitun (Nut) Pokpunjaphorn, Thailand

Minhee Lee GBJ.jpeg

Minhee Lee, South Korea

Yuki Nakajima GBJ.jpeg

Yuki Nakajima, Japan

Marium Nasir GBJ.jpeg

Marium Nasir, Pakistan

Fadhlanti Sharief GBJ.jpeg

Fadhlanti Sharief, Indonesia

Nicole Sy, The Philippines

Nicole Sy, a 2015 graduate from the Philippines, works for Bloomberg News in London. During her decade-long career, Nicole has worked in print, digital and broadcast journalism.Her work covers business and finance, current events, and tech. Her current "Hot Take" series on Bloomberg Quicktake garners millions of views on platforms Twitter/X, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. She was previously at Bloomberg TV Philippines and Xinhua News Agency. Her print work has been published in The South China Morning Post, The Philippine Star, China Daily, The Interpreter at the Lowy Institute of International Policy, Knowledge at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, ChinaTravelNews, and more. Nicole formerly created and co-hosted a podcast called China Hang-up, discussing relevant social, cultural and legal issues to young China watchers.>>> See Nicole's LinkedIn profile

Jimbum Parker (Park Jim-bum), South Korea

Jimbum Parker (Park Jim-bum), a 2011 graduate, from South Korea was a co-producer of the documentary "Super China," which first aired on the Korean Broadcasting System, has been broadcast across Asia and Africa and has received substantial publicity, including  a report on CGTN.

Akram Shabaani, Iran

Akram Shabaani, a 2017 graduate from Iran, is an editor at IMPASCO, a public relations company in Tehran. She previously was chief economics correspondent for Eghtesadonline and a journalist and translator for Capital and Market magazine, also in Tehran. Previous journalism jobs include a stint as managing editor of Mining World Monthly in Iran, a host on China Radio International in Beijing, and a reporter and news editor for Siasate Rooz newspaper in Tehran. >>> See Akram's LinkedIn profile

Emma Ho, Malaysia

Emma Ho, a 2020 graduate from Malaysia, was hired by the China Global Television Network in 2023. She earlier was shortlisted in the CGTN Media Challengers campaign seeking new reporting talent worldwide. She has been working on research projects for the Malaysian Institute of Economics Research and the ILO. >>> See Emma's five-minute video report

Minyoung Lee, South Korea

Minyoung Lee, a 2018 graduate from South Korea, is a senior campaign manager for online fashion e-commerce company limango GmbH in Munich, Germany. >>>See Minyoung's LinkedIn profile.

Alexis See Tho, Malaysia

Alexis See Tho, a 2018 graduate from Malaysia, is working as Associate Editor for the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants in Kuala Lumpur.

Yvonne Lek, Singapore

Yvonne Lek, a 2016 graduate from Singapore, in July 2021 celebrated four years as a research institute at Singapore's Ministry of Defence. >>> See Yvonne's LinkedIn profile

Thanitun (Nut) Pokpunjaphorn, Thailand

Thanitun (Nut) Pokpunjaphorn, a 2018 graduate from Thailand, works in business development at Level Up Holding Co., ltd, in Bangkok. >>> See Thanitun's LinkedIn profile

Anish Pandey, Nepal

Anish Pandey, a 2016 graduate from Nepal, has been an editor at China Daily since March 2017. >>> See Anish's LinkedIn profile

Patrick Que, The Philippines

Patrick Que, a 2016 graduate from the Philippines, is a Chinese language interpreter for Philippine Airlines based in Beijing. He previously was an intern for CNN. >>> See Patrick's LinkedIn profile 

Minhee Lee, South Korea

Minhee Lee, a 2019 graduate from South Korea, is a senior manager for marketing at Samsung Biologics in Seoul. She has worked for the company since her graduation, earlier serving as a procurement specialist and a PM specialist. >>> See Minhee's LinkedIn profile 

Ninjaa Suthana, Thailand

Ninjaa Suthana, a 2016 graduate from Thailand, is working in the head office of Thai Airways International PCL in Bangkok.

Rachael Neo, Singapore

Rachael Neo, a 2021 graduate from Singapore, is working as a client services analyst for Transmission, a data-driven B2B marketing agency in Singapore. >>> See Rachael's LinkedIn profile

Julie Cao, Vietnam

Julie Cao, a 2017 graduate from Vietnam, has joined Prespa Consultancy in Adelaide, South Australia, as an accountant. >>> See Julie's LinkedIn profile

Ali Farman, Pakistan

Ali Farman, a 2018 graduate from Pakistan, is working as a photographer in Hyderabad, Pakistan. >>> See Ali's LinkedIn profile

Yuki Nakajima, Japan

Yuki Nakajima, a 2018 graduate from Japan, is a system consultant and account manager at NRI (Nomura Research Institute) in Hong Kong. She previously was an information technology consultant for IBM in Tokyo. >>> See Yuki's LinkedIn profile

Marium Nasir, Pakistan

Marium Nasir, a 2019 graduate from Pakistan, is a data analyst for Haris Pharma in Khanewal, Punjab. Prior to joining GBJ,  Marium was a marketing and commercial analyst for Coca Cola CCI. She earlier was a television reporter for Duq TV News 14 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. >>> See Marium's LinkedIn profile 

Julia Shin, South Korea

Julia Shin, a graduate from South Korea, is assistant manager for development and planning, at Ghent University. She is working on an MBA degree at Seoul National University. >>> See Julia's LinkedIn profile

Sichol Danaisawat, Thailand

Sichol Danaisawat, a 2015 graduate from Thailand, is Senior Web & Content Manager at Central Marketing Group (CMG) in Bangkok. >>> See Sichol's LinkedIn profile

Steve (Jeong Sub) Park, South Korea

Steve (Jeong Sub) Parka 2013 graduate from South Korea, has become Senior Manager for Regional Corporate Communication, East Asia, at Tencent in Seoul. He previously worked in senior positions for FleishmanHillard and Edelman. >>> See Steve's LinkedIn profile

Fadhlanti Sharief, Indonesia

Fadhlanti Sharief, a 2014 graduate from Indonesia,  works in Jakarta as a senior manager for PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk. Her work involves helping young entrepreneurs. She is involved in event management, editing, media relations, corporate communications, and management.

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Global Business Journalism program graduates have used taken their talents around the world. GBJ alumni work in dozens of countries in industries such as traditional media,  New Media, finance, technology and consulting. They work for multinational giants, small to mid-size companies, start-ups, nonprofits, government agencies and NGOs. Some GBJ alumni have become entrepreneurs. Click on each box below to take a look at what GBJers are doing now.

Alumni videos

Global Business Journalism graduate Linda Lew is interviewed by International Center for Journalists President Joyce Barnathan for a global webinar on COVID-19 coverage.

2017 graduate Grace Shao reports for CNBC in 2020 about the challenges posed by deep-fake technology.

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