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Meet the directors

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The Global Business Program is led by co-directors Min Hang, the associate dean for international affairs at Tsinghua's journalism school, and Rick Dunham, a veteran Washington reporter and former president of the National Press Club.

GBJ faculty news: 
Editor of FT-Chinese named visiting professor

Hong Kong business journalist and educator Wang Feng is joining the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication as a visiting professor for the fall semester of 2023.


Professor Wang will teach Basic News Writing. He also will offer seminars and lectures open to the broader Tsinghua community. The first was an assessment of how generative artificial intelligence will affect the journalism industry. He will be available to offer advice to Tsinghua journalism students and GBJ alumni.

Professor Wang has an impressive CV. He has been the editor-in-chief of the Financial Times Chinese-language edition since 2015. He manages an editorial team of 30 in FTChinese staffers in Beijing, London, Shanghai and Hong Kong. He was in charge of 

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editorial content on all digital platforms at the South China Morning Post from 2012 to 2015. He was an editorial board member of the Society of Publishers in Asia from 2016 to 2019.


Earlier work experience included stints at Reuters, Caijing, China Daily and Xinhua News Service.

GBJ faculty news: Rick Dunham publishes multimedia reporting textbook

Rick Dunham's textbook, "Multimedia Repo

Professors in the Global Business Journalism Program have published dozens of books and hundreds of academic papers. The latest GBJ author is co-director Rick Dunham, whose textbook, "Multimedia Reporting," was published by Springer.

Professor Dunham's textbook, which is used for his News Writing and Multimedia Business Reporting course, is available globally via Springer's distribution network and on

It is Professor Dunham's first solo book. He previously contributed to six books about U.S. politics and history, and wrote a 

new foreword for his grandfather Barrows Dunham's classic 1947 philosophy book "Man Against Myth."


"Multimedia Reporting" is the first book published in Springer's new Tsinghua Global Business Journalism book series. Professors Dunham and Hang Min are co-editors of the series.

Professor Dunham's next book in the Tsinghua Global Business Journalism textbook series is "English News Writing for a Global Audience.". Professors Hang and Miller are working on further volumes in the Tsinghua Global Business Journalism textbook project.

GBJ faculty news: Kai Kuang creates new public speaking course

Kai Kuang.jpeg

The course offerings in the Global Business Journalism program are constantly evolving to prepare students for the rapidly changing world of business journalism. The latest addition to the curriculum is Associate Professor Kai Kuang's new course on public speaking, first offered in the fall semester of 2021.


The new course is designed to help students who want to improve their verbal communication skills. English speaking skills are more important than ever for global journalists, who often are asked to create video or audio journalism reports. International journalists also need to learn how to express themselves clearly in readily understandable English.


Professor Kuang came to Tsinghua in 2020 after four years at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. She earned her Ph.D. in health communication at Purdue University, where she was a graduate lecturer in the Brian Lamb School of Communication from 2009 to 2015.


She won the Top Paper Award from the National Communication Association, Interpersonal Communication, in  2020. She received the Gerald R. Miller Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award at Purdue.

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