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Rick Dunham

Global journalism experience for the Global Business Journalism program

Professor Rick Dunham, a former White House correspondent and Washington bureau chief, has been the co-director of the Global Business Journalism program since 2013. The program, a partnership among Tsinghua University, the International Center for Journalists, and Bloomberg News, has built a stellar reputation for enhancing the quality of business journalism. From the time of his arrival in China. Professor Dunham has combined global best practices in journalism with rigorous academic training to create a program that has won international acclaim. Read on to discover more about this popular professor and energetic educator.

Professor Rick Dunham gives you a video introduction to the Global Business Journalism program

GBJ Special Scoop  By Vicki Chalermlapvoraboon

Journalism is not dying, says Professor Dunham

"There is always a place for truth-tellers and smart analysts," he says.

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Some Chinese social media influencers have declared that “journalism is dying” and caution students against selecting it as a college major.


Tsinghua University professor Rick Dunham, a seasoned journalist with 35 years of reporting experience, says he understands this perspective, amid the myriad challenges facing the profession. But the former Washington bureau chief remains resolutely optimistic that journalists will find an indispensable role in the information ecosystem of the future.


“There is always a market for young people who can tell stories,” the former Washington bureau chief said firmly. “There is always a place for truth-tellers and smart analysts.”


Like the 1960s and 1970s, Dunham sees a generational shift in the journalism world today, with old-school journalists giving way to younger reporters who are more in tune with the news consumption habits of the rapidly changing audience.


“Generations are changing rapidly now,” the 67-year-old American said. “When I was young, it was a great era for news, but it was a time of massive social and economic upheaval. We are seeing many similar trends today.”

Inspiring the Global Business Journalism program:
The story of Professor Rick Dunham

The growth of Global Business Journalism: A timeline

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A dynamic program: GBJ in photos

Global Business Journalism prides itself on its diversity and cross-cultural learning. Take a look at some of the images reflecting the program's varied backgrounds and outlooks.


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