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Journalism work by alumni

Global Business journalism graduates have a track record of international excellence

Global Business Journalism program alumni have worked for many of the top global media brands, including Bloomberg News, the Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, the South China Morning Post and CNBC. In addition, our network of grads has had worked published by The Washington Post, CNN, Al Jazeera, Forbes, Buzzfeed and Time magazine, among many other news outlets around the world. Here is a selection of stories created by Global Business Journalism graduates. Enjoy!

Our Stories

Global Business Journalism alumni regularly produce world-class journalism on multiple media platforms. From wire services to top daily newspapers, digital publications to podcasts, television to documentary filmmaking, our graduates are helping to invent the future of journalism.


Click on each headline for the embedded link to the story. More recent alumni bylines are in red font.



Betsy Joles



Betsy Joles, Nikkei Asia

Farming out: China's overseas food security quest – As the Ukraine war sparks shortages, China looks to invest abroad to secure food supplies

Betsy Joles, The World/Public Radio International

Taliban takeover could mean more security challenges for Chinese projects in Pakistan

Betsy Joles, Nikkei Asia

Too big to fail: China eyes Afghanistan investment amid fears of state collapse

Betsy Joles, Al Jazeera

Afghan journalists begin uncertain chapter under Taliban rule

Betsy Joles, The New York Times

Saving a Vibrant History, One Frame at a Time – Shahid Zaidi is working to preserve the photos his father shot of Pakistan’s first leaders and of its people in the era of the country’s founding.

Betsy Joles, The Washington Post

Years after Pakistan’s terrorism crackdown, many with no terrorist ties face risk of execution


Betsy Joles, Foreign Policy

Pakistan’s Climate Migrants Face Tough Odds – People displaced by climate disasters remain vulnerable, as this year’s floods show.


Betsy Joles, Foreign Policy

Pakistan’s Farmers Are Already Bracing for the Next Disaster – In Sindh province, the food insecurity that followed extreme flooding may be a harbinger for the climate future

Betsy Joles, Vice World News

Why deadly abortions keep killing women in Pakistan

Betsy Joles/Bloomberg News

Land Grab or River Revival? Inside Pakistan’s $7 Billion ‘Green’ City

Betsy Joles, Al Jazeera

Hong Kong protesters hunker down as police cordon off campus

Betsy Joles, Politico Europe

Hong Kong asylum seekers test EU-China relations: European countries seek to protect dissidents while not angering Beijing.


Betsy Joles, Foreign Affairs

What Fast Track for Asylum Seekers From Hong Kong? Dissidents Seeking Refuge Will Need More Than Words

Betsy Joles, Al Jazeera

Voices from Hubei, two weeks into coronavirus lockdown – A group of former high school classmates from Hubei spoke about the conditions for their families under lockdown.


Betsy Joles, NBC News

As coronavirus spreads around the world, in Wuhan international students feel trapped

Betsy Joles, Wired

In war-torn Syria, contact tracers are fighting against the odds

Eric Fish head shot.png
Grace Shao GBJ CNBC.png

Grace Shao

FGS Global (formerly CNBC, CGTN)

Grace Shao, CNBC

Why are Japan and Korea in a trade war? CNBC explains.

Grace Shao, CNBC

Deepfake technology will make you question what's real


Grace Shao, CNBC

Fake videos could be the next big problem in the 2020 elections

Grace Shao, CNBC

Hong Kong just entered a recession. Experts say economy will ‘remain weak’ amid protests, trade war

Grace Shao, CNBC

Canada could take a harder stance on China — no matter who wins the next election

Grace Shao, CGTN

China responds to $100 million in tariffs imposed by Trump

Simone Martin KRAsia GBJ.png

Simone Martin

Freelance (formerly KR-Asia, CCTV, Il Sole 24 Ore)

Simone Martin, KR-Asia

Xiaomi is now the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, here’s how it got there


Simone Martin, KR-Asia

Scaling up in the used car industry amid COVID-19


Simone Martin, KR-Asia

Asia is fertile ground for central bank digital currencies

Simone Martin, KR-Asia (with AJ Cortese)

As the short-video wave crests, ByteDance accelerates monetization through new verticals

Jiao Jie GBJ.jpeg

Jiao Jie

China Daily

Jao Jie, China Daily

Lost and found: A Chinese father finds his missing son after 24 years 

Jao Jie, China Daily

Cosmetology course to fulfill booming appeal

Jao Jie, China Daily

New field food to satisfy soldiers' stomachs

Jao Jie, China Daily

Top wingsuit flyer sails carefully into success

Jao Jie, China Daily

Graduate steers change from grassroots up

Bhoj Raj Poudel_edited.png

Bhoj Raj Poudel

Economic columnist (Kathmandu Post, The Diplomat)

Bhoj Raj Poudel, The Diplomat

Nepal's digruntled federalism


Bhoj Raj Poudel, Kathmandu Post

Cleaning the drainage: Nepal’s development bottleneck is largely due to the behavioral problems plaguing our leaders, bureaucrats and general citizens

Bhoj Raj Poudel, The Annapurna Express

Nepal: Figuratively richer

Lauren Kyger GBJ_edited.png

Lauren Kyger

National Committee on U.S.-China Relations (formerly Trade Vistas)

Lauren Kyger,

Fall favorite pumpkin spice latte. Thanks, trade.


Lauren Kyger,

Spanish olives in the pits over U.S.-EU trade tensions


Lauren Kyger,

U.S.-China FDI goes cold while venture capital heats up

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