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The curriculum: Challenging and rewarding

Global Business Journalism is a two-year program for international students, taught fully in English. The first year requires intensive classroom work. The second year includes a professional internship and completion of a formal academic thesis or a professional journalism portfolio. English language fluency is essential for successful completion of the program.

Students who choose to write a thesis are required to conduct an independent research project under supervision of a faculty member and produce a paper of no less than 20,000 words.


Students who hope to pursue a career in 

journalism are strongly encouraged to submit a portfolio of journalistic work. The portfolio should demonstrate an ability to research and produce a substantial work of news reporting totaling at least 5,000 words along with a description of the development and research involved, totaling at least 5,000 words.


Cutting-edge courses such as “Multimedia Business Reporting,” “Data Mining,” “Economics and Accounting for Journalists” and "Corporate Strategies” make full use of the school's premier facilities.

Students get practical training in writing about Chinese and international companies and financial instruments such as stocks, bonds and collateralized debt obligations. They 

learn how macroeconomic concepts such as fiscal and monetary policy affect businesses and individuals.


They create videos, slideshows with sound and graphics that help them tell business stories in multiple dimensions. They do presentations that compare coverage of news events by Chinese and foreign media. They learn to analyze balance sheets and income statements to produce stories that go beneath the surface and explain the meaning of events.

A survey of GBJ alumni found that they placed highest value on their courses in writing and coverage of business and economic issues.

Course list for GBJ students 

Thirty credits are required for graduation.

Core Courses (12 credits required for graduation)


>>>Business News Writing and Editing (3 credits)

>>>Economics and Accounting Basics for Journalists (3 credits)

>>>Business News Data Mining and Analysis (3 credits)

>>>News Writing and Multimedia Business Reporting (3 credits)

Basic Courses (12 credits required for graduation)

>>>Mass Communications and Society in Contemporary China (3 credits)

>> >Media Research Methods (2 credits)

>>>Intercultural Communication (2 credits)

>>>Chinese (2 credits )

>>>Workshop for Academic Training and Ethics

(3 credits)

Required Courses (4 credits required for graduation)


>>>GBJ Internship (3 credits)

>>>Literature Review and Thesis Proposal (1 credit)

Elective Courses (6 credits required for graduation; selection varies each academic year)


>>>Corporate Strategies, Case Studies of Chinese and Global Companies (2 credits)

>>>Learning by Practice, New Media Skills (2 credits)

>> >Basic News Writing (2 credits)

>>>Advanced News Writing: Enterprise Journalism (2 credits)

>>>Corporate Communication (2 credits)

>>> Workshop on Film and TV Production

(2 credits)

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