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In letter to Tsinghua community, university asks students to "strive for balance and be courageous"

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Tsinghua has indefinitely postponed the spring semester and asks students and faculty to follow a series of health guidelines. (Tsinghua University photo)

All students, faculty and staff members:

Tsinghua University cherishes the life and health of all students, faculty and staff members. The prevention and control of the novel coronavirus is our most important responsibility. 

To overcome the epidemic and safeguard the life and health of all students, faculty and staff members, we ask all members of the Tsinghua community to follow the guidelines for epidemic prevention and control:

First, remain vigilant and follow official advice. As part of the comprehensive precautionary measures to combat the virus, the University has decided to postpone the start of the 2020 Spring Semester. 

If you have recently traveled areas where the outbreak started, or contacted people from these areas, please immediately report to the community where you reside, cooperate with community or medical staff if they inquire about your condition, and stay at home under medical observation for 14 days. 

If you require consultation, please contact your department, school, or the 24-hour hotline (010-62782072) of the University’s epidemic prevention and control center.

Second, strengthening self-protection is of the utmost priority. We should actively enhance health awareness, maintain a balanced and healthy diet, cultivate a regular schedule of work and rest, undertake moderate exercise, and improve our immunity. 

Pay attention to personal hygiene, practice effective and frequent handwashing, wear masks properly in public spaces, and safely handle sensitive articles and waste. Also, avoid crowded places, parties and group activities. 

Third, treat the epidemic rationally and with firm resolve. We should understand and treat the epidemic with a scientific approach and remain alert but not alarmed. Information about the epidemic should be obtained from the official channels of the government and the University, and we should refrain from sharing unverified news, disinformation and rumors. 

Fourth, strive for balance and be courageous. Sensibly arrange work and rest time and remain focused on your health. The University will introduce an education and teaching plan for the spring semester, and will organize teaching activities using various forms of online technology. 

As a community, we stand united, guided by our history and inspired by those who have contributed to this important effort. We wish all students, faculty and staff a safe and healthy return home to Tsinghua.

– Tsinghua University

January 30, 2020

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