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Graduation Day
Graduation Day

Special report: Chinese university graduates face the future with a higher degree of uncertainty

With youth unemployment rate in China at record highs, many college students are facing a tough decision: stay in school or graduate and face an uncertain job market. Amid the economic tumult of the COVID era and troubles in the nation’s tech industry, the trend is clear. Students are choosing to remain in the university setting, hoping that an advanced degree will give them a competitive edge and increase their chances of finding a high-quality job in the future.

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Global Business Journalism's data journalism team

This special report was prepared by Nguyen Ha Linh, Zhao Mingjun, Charmaine Magbuhos, Raphael Perri, Shen Chen and Erdenenyam.p., reporters in the Global Business Journalism program's In-depth Reporting and News Writing course. Professor Rick Dunham was the project's managing editor.

GBJ data team 2023.jpg

The Global Business Journalism data journalism team. From left to right: Shen Chen, Erdenenyam.p., Raphael Perri, Nguyen Ha Linh, Rick Dunham, Charmaine Magbuhos, Zhao Mingjun and teaching assistant Zhang Yifan.

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