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Application deadline extended until March 31 for 2020 Global Business Journalism class

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

GBJ academic officer Li Chengzhang (second from left) and co-directors Rick Dunham and Hang Min (center) are working to recruit a vibrant Class of 2020.

There's a bit more time more prospective Global Business Journalism students to apply to join the 2020 incoming class.

Global Business Journalism co-directors Hang Min and Rick Dunham announced today that the deadline for applying to the program through the Tsinghua University graduate application portal has been extended to March 31 from March 1. (Additional information the application process is available on the Global Business Journalism international website and the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication website.)

Professor Dunham said that applications for the 2020-2021 academic year have dropped by about one-third compared to last year in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic that has gripped China. However, he added, "the quality of applicants has been exceptionally strong." Among the top prospects for the Class of 2020 are applicants from Africa, the United States, Korea, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, India, Bangladesh, Belgium and Russia, he noted.

By extending the deadline, Global Business Journalism administrators are hoping to recruit additional high-quality applicants from around the world. Professor Dunham requested that current GBJ students, alumni and friends at universities around the world help spread the word about this elite, multicultural program.

Although the coronavirus epidemic has forced Tsinghua University to begin the 2020 spring semester in "virtual classrooms" through online platforms, it has not prevented Global Business Journalism officials from interviewing and assessing 2020 applicants. The second round of interviews is being conducted during the final week of February. Future interviews are scheduled in March and early April.

"We are confident that the Class of 2020 will be as vibrant and diverse as the remarkable group of Chinese and international students currently pursuing master's degrees in Global Business Journalism," Professor Dunham said.

GBJ has set up a hotline to handle questions about the program and the admissions process. You can contact program officials through the website or via email at

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