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April Newsletter: Happy Birthday, Tsinghua! Bloomberg legend Matthew Winkler visits the School of Journalism. GBJ alumni reunion dinner ... and more!

The Global Business Journalism program at Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication is the top English language business journalism program in China.


April 2024


Global Business Journalism reporter

Greetings, readers! While some of our students took trips abroad and around China to celebrate the Labor Day holiday (and Professor Rick Dunham flew to Philadelphia for his 50th high school reunion), I am currently writing this amid the warmth and serenity of the Tsinghua campus. Although the unpredictable weather – hot one day, sandy or smoggy the next, or even still chilly sometimes – leaves me confused about my wardrobe choices.


Amid a month full of events, there was one exceptional celebration we all took part in: Tsinghua University’s big birthday bash! That's our big story in this month's GBJ newsletter.


1. A big celebration for students, professors and alumni: Tsinghua turns 113!

Tsinghua University’s birthday was celebrated over the weekend from April 27–28. Several activities and shows were held by different departments, seminars also included. From art exhibitions, captivating photography displays to musical concerts, garden fairs, dance events and a big carnival held at Zijing Field, created an amazing atmosphere for Tsinghua-ren to experience.


The celebration kicked off with the spirited "Ma Yuehan Cup" featuring student track and field matches, a testament to the cherished motto, “No Sports, No Tsinghua.”


For me, the highlight was the rare opportunity to explore inside the chairman’s house, and to visit the university gyms, laboratories, museums, all of which were open to visitors.


Happy Birthday, Tsinghua! I'm grateful for the chance to celebrate alongside you.

Matthew Winkler was one of the founders of the GBJ program. He has been a supporter of Global Business Journalism since its creation in 2007 as editor of Bloomberg News and an ICFJ board member.
Tsinghua journalism school dean Zhou Qing'an welcomes Matthew Winkler to campus.

2. “A Conversation with Matthew Winkler” – The co-founder of Bloomberg News visits the renovated School of Journalism

Matthew Winkler of Bloomberg was a founder of the GBJ program.
Matthew Winkler is a director of the International Center for Journalists.

Co-founder of Bloomberg News, Matthew Winkler is one of the most important figures in the history of the Global Business Journalism program. A longtime editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News, he supported the program from its creation in 2007 and has been a moving force behind the partnership between the world's most important business news and data company and the Tsinghua-based journalism master's program.

Winkler returned to campus in April for the first time since the renovation of the School of Journalism building and was able to tour the newly reopened building and see its new Bloomberg Laboratory and Global Business Journalism classroom.

Throughout his time on campus, he shared invaluable life advice and insights on how to be a good journalist with GBJ program participants and other Tsinghua students. He also generously recommended self-improvement through his favorite books to the attendees. This session wasn’t limited to journalism students. Students from the schools of Computer Science and Economics and Management joined Global Business Journalism participants in the discussion.


Matthew Winkler has received lifetime achievement awards from the National Academy of Arts and Sciences (Emmy), Loeb Foundation, City University of New York, and New York Financial Writers Association. Now editor-in-chief emeritus of Bloomberg News, he is also a director of the International Center for Journalists, which is the managing partner of the Global Business Journalism program.

Bloomberg News is the funding partner of the Global Business Journalism (GBJ) program.
Professor Lee Miller (center) with GBJ students at the Bloomberg alumni dinner.

3. Alumni dinner @ Bloomberg: Insights, advice and life-long connections!

On April 16, the Global Business Journalism students were invited to a memorable alumni dinner hosted by Professor Lee Miller at the Bloomberg office in Beijing. It was an evening filled with lively exchanges of ideas and insightful conversations between the students and GBJ alumni. Discussions revolved around potential career paths in journalism, opportunities in PR, and prospects in various other sectors. GBJ alumni working in journalism, finance, new media, marketing and other industries attended the reunion, the first in-person alumni get-together since the COVID-19 pandemic.


The environment among attendees was lively and warm, as students mingled with alumni. Bloomberg editor-in-chief emeritus Matthew Winkler chatted with dozens of current and former GBJ participants. It was truly an unforgettable night, building connections that will undoubtedly endure well into the future.


Thanks to Professor Miller for this opportunity!


4.   Tips for writing a thesis from GBJ students (trust me, you need this)

‘Tis the (ongoing) thesis season for our second-year GBJ students. Writing this as a first-year student, I cannot comprehend how to even begin or even clarify/concise my ideas. Although we have a semester to go before starting our research, it is always good to get advice from the gurus and those who are well into it.


So, here’s to the readers and my fellow first-year GBJ students who are starting to compose your work. I sat down with two soon-to-graduate students, Alicia Zeng from the United States, and Stephanie Fallas Sandi from Costa Rica. Here is their advice:


5. After 50 years, GBJ's co-director reunites with his high school classmates half a world away


Rick Dunham is co-director of the GBJ program at Tsinghua University. Global Business Journalism is a project of the International Center for Journalists.
Rick Dunham (first row, second from right) was managing editor of his high school newspaper. Here he is with fellow Centralizer staffers at Central High School in Philadelphia in 1974.


Rick Dunham is co-director of the GBJ program at Tsinghua University. Global Business Journalism is a project of the International Center for Journalists.
Professor Dunham (in red T-shirt) with classmates outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia, April 2024.

If you missed our Global Business Journalism promotional film last month, here's another opportunity for you to take a look at the 30-minute video. Let us know what you think.


Thanks for reading the April GBJ newsletter. We'll be back next month with more news, notes and fun items from our global community. If you want to be the first to read each GBJ newsletter, subscribe here and receive an email notification when a new newsletter is published.


The Global Business Journalism program at Tsinghua University in Beijing is the top English language business journalism program in China.
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