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Best practices: Watch USA Today's superb George Floyd documentary 'Boots On The Ground'

George Floyd Square has risen at the Minneapolis intersection where police officer Derek Chauvin murdered the unarmed Black man. (Photo by Lorie Shaull, from Wikipedia)


Global Business Journalism Co-Director

Being a journalist today means mastering multimedia storytelling.

"Print" reporters must be able to produce audio podcasts or video documentaries. "Television" reporters must be able to use still photography and informational graphics. Graphic artists must know how to use visuals to tell complete stories using alternative storytelling forms, like the amazing graphics created weekly by Charles Apple.

Which brings us to a best practices example we want to share with you. Following the murder trial (and conviction) of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, USA Today published a 24-minute video documentary on the pain the killing of unarmed civilian George Floyd caused the Black community of Minnesota's largest city. The documentary looked at the citizen activism sparked by the murder of a Black man at the hands of law enforcement and how a tragedy created a sense of mission for thousands of Americans: Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Native American and more.

Boots On The Ground: The Black community in Minneapolis finds peace after George Floyd showcases the best of journalism storytelling, offering context, analysis, explanation and immediacy. It is a superb piece of multimedia journalism that is as valuable as a piece of history as it is as a breaking news documentary. Please watch it.

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