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Check out these internship opportunities at "Hey China!" and the GBJ office

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has complicated our Global Business Journalism students' attempts to land internships.

First of all, almost all of the international students remain in their home countries and not in China, where GBJ students historical seek internships. Secondly, the global economic collapse caused by the coronavirus has made it difficult for students around the world to find internships.

Amid these problems, Global Business Journalism's administrators are working extra hard to locate "virtual" internships for our students. Here are two new opportunities – one with the digital media platform "Hey China!" and the other producing content for GBJ's websites and social media platforms.

Feel free to pass these internship postings along to friends of yours within the Global Business Journalism program or other highly qualified candidates.

"Hey China!" is offering an exceptional opportunity to top GBJ students.


Hey China! is a young, entrepreneurial digital media platform with the advantage of being independently run and operated by Co-hosts and Co-Founders Shirley Yu and Martina Fuchs. With a rapidly growing audience and media brand, its goal is changing the narrative and paradigms of the China story.

As leading global media veterans with international reputation, we are aiming to become the No. 1 China business talk show for the world focused on technology and innovation. At present we reach 60,000 impressions and are rapidly growing in viewer numbers. 

We would like to offer one or more students from Tsinghua University's Global Business Journalism Program a 6-month internship opportunity with us to gain work experience in a business and digital media start-up, boost our production and audience numbers, amplify the social media marketing campaign, as well as developing institutional partnerships.

Currently we are producing one weekly show in either English or Chinese, but aim to step up the output to several episodes a week. Our target guests are: top Chinese and global executives, unicorn CEOs, KOLs and start-up entrepreneurs:  

The world and China – now more than ever – needs a top, world-class and neutral media outlet to tell its new ideas, new thinking, new innovation and new social dynamics, and we are able to deliver the strongest messages from China to the world. Are you ready to join the ride?

Martina Fuchs while working for CNN

Start date: as soon as possible

Time investment: 2-3 days a week

Compensation: As we are a startup, the internship is unpaid.

Length: We would like to offer an initial 6-month period (extendable).

What you will receive:

  • Work experience in business and the media industry

  • Digital production experience, create videos for various social media channels

  • Boost your contacts network in China and globally

  • Experience in social media marketing and building partnerships

  • Work certificate upon completion

Key Responsibilities & Targets:

  • Creative thinking, highly pro-active and self initiative

  • Guest booking: research interesting topics and guests 

  • Planning and follow-up with show guests

  • Video and editing production

  • Creating thumbnails

  • Writing video captions and texts for our various platforms

  • Uploading and posting videos on our social media channels: YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Weibo 

  • Help to rapidly boost our audience numbers, engage in community building

  • Develop our editorial and institutional partnerships (currently we have partnerships with TechNode, LinkedIn China, Fundplat in Switzerland, Go News India, and in France)

  • Weekly calls to discuss upcoming episodes and our strategy

For further information and to send an application, please contact co-founder Martina Fuchs at



For the first time since its creation in 2007, the Global Business Journalism program at Tsinghua University is offering an internship program. These two-month internships, which can be renewed for up to six months, will offer students an opportunity to create multimedia content, manage social media operations and develop communication strategies for the premier English language journalism program in Asia.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the internship program will begin as a virtual program. The internship supervisors will be GBJ co-director Rick Dunham and GBJ office administrator Chengzhang Li.

Number of available internships: Up to four

Start date: Flexible, but as soon as July 1

Time investment: 3-5 days a week. Hours and days are flexible, subject to final agreement with Professor Dunham.

Compensation: The internship is unpaid, as GBJ is an educational program with no budget for interns. This internship meets the graduation requirements of the GBJ program.

Length: Two months, extendable by mutual consent for up to six months


  • Professional-level writing skills in English

  • B+ or higher Grade Point Average in GBJ courses

  • Impeccable factual accuracy and personal responsibility

  • An ability to conceptualize and execute high-quality stories and social media posts

  • A consistent ability to meet deadlines

  • Strong ability to work in teams and to follow instructions

  • Self-starter skills

  • Ability to work effectively with minimal to moderate oversight


GBJ interns will create multimedia stories and upgrade visual and textual content on GBJ websites including, the International Center for Journalists’ GBJ program page ( and the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication’s website (

Responsibilities will include coverage of breaking news, guest speakers and events, photo galleries, video and interactive content, profiles of students, alumni and professors, question-and-answer posts with students, alumni and professors, and other compelling storytelling.

Interns will be expected to contribute stories to GBJ’s site that focuses on women entrepreneurs in China. Among the assignments may be news stories, profiles, trend stories, informational graphics, video reports and audio stories.

The interns will be the primary contributors to these GBJ social media platforms:

In addition, GBJ interns also will be responsible for helping to produce and edit content for our roster of WeChat feeds and groups, including the official WeChat site and WeChat groups for alumni, current students and applicants.

Interns also will help to create and manage new social media channels including YouTube and TikTok/Douyin.

Interns will play a key role in the ongoing GBJ social media initiative that has significantly increased the program’s global visibility and has resulted in higher-quality applicants to the program. The initiative’s goals are to broaden awareness of the program, reinforce its image as a prestigious cross-cultural educational destination, improve communication with students, alumni and supporters, build a global network of friends, and attract the most talented international applicants. GBJ interns, because of their cross-cultural communication skills and cross-platform versatility, are vital contributors to the program’s internal and external messaging.

Interns also are eligible to file stories for the International Center for Journalists’ International Journalists’ Network (IJNet) website:

Interns also may receive assignments from GBJ administrative staff for program-related research.

About the program: The Global Business Journalism program was conceived by the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) together with the Tsinghua University leadership and launched on Sept. 17, 2007. GBJ has trained more than 500 graduate students and produced 440 GBJ master’s degree recipients who have brought a new level of professionalism, business expertise and writing skill to coverage of economic and financial issues in China, the world’s second-largest economy. Since 2010, GBJ professors also have trained more than 900 Tsinghua undergraduate journalism students in English news writing, business reporting and global best practices in journalism.

For further information and to send an application, please contact

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