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GBJ favorites: 5 Beijing hutong coffee shops you should check out


Beijing has always been famous for its tea ceremonies, but more recently, it is also emerged as a speciality coffee capital. With local roasters and barista-led now in nearly every hutong corner, Beijing is officially rising on the world’s speciality coffee map. You can now grab a real cup of coffee while strolling in Beijing’s most picturesque area, take a seat in these full-of-charm new places to read a book, meet a friend, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee.

As part of our continuing series of articles on places to enjoy, on and off the Tsinghua campus, here are five Beijing coffee shops where you can drink a cup and plan to linger:

Still Water - 69 Gulou Dong Dajie

Still Water is definitely the right place to enjoy some fresh roasted coffee. This new place, which only opened last year, offers more than 30 different kinds of coffee flavor.

Alba Café - 70 Gulou Dong Dajie

Alba Café is probably one of the most famous coffee shop in town for the international community. Regular clients come to enjoy its peaceful atmosphere and its rooftop during the sunny days. It is definitely the perfect place to read a book or study.

Voyage Coffee - 80 Beiluoguxiang Street

Voyage coffee has become a top place for coffee lovers in Beijing, it serves coffee from all over the world. Its small-but-cozy environment is a great place to discover new coffee flavors this winter.

The Orchid - 65 Baochao Hutong

Located in the heart of Beijing’s traditional alleyway area, the Orchid is a real mix between Western and Eastern style. It is the perfect place to enjoy coffee or tea in a private garden.

Café Zarah - 46 Gulou Dong Dajie

If you want to try Vietnamese coffee, Café Zarah is the place to go. Located in a hutong house, you can enjoy a nice cup in its indoor patio all year around. In the evening, during weekends, it is also a great place to listen to live jazz music.

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