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The Top 10: Our most popular posts of the year

The Top 10 is an annual feature of the Global Business Journalism program website.

Thanks to everyone in our Global Business Journalism community for making 2023 the most successful ever for our website and our social media platforms. As we look ahead to an even better 2024, we'd like to share the news stories – and website pages – that attracted the most attention over the past year.

As always, we want to hear from you. Let us know if there are any journalism tipsheets or news stories that you'd like us to write. And feel free to offer suggestions on how we can make even more valuable to you in 2024.

The Global Business Journalism program at Tsinghua University is one of the Top 10 English language journalism master's programs in Asia.
Professor Rick Dunham and students in GBJ's "Hot Topics" course welcomed Finnish journalist Mika Hentunen to Tsinghua in November.

Here are the Top 10 news stories of the past year:

Global Business Journalism co-director Rick Dunham offers a concise yet detailed guide to the key elements of writing professional news stories. The three traits that top his list: truth, clarity and completeness.

Global Business Journalism guest lecturer Cyndi Hughes, a veteran editor and publishing entrepreneur offered Tsinghua journalism students advice on improving their editing skills. In this report by GBJ reporter Zihan Zhang, the CEO of Booktique Consulting in Austin, Texas, explains why good editing is an essential tool to improve your writing.

It's the favorite street food of the Tsinghua community. But how do you make the tasty snack pancake known as latiao? Global Business Journalism reporter Li Ying explains in a video report that is posted on the GBJ YouTube channel.

Global Business Journalism reporter Charmaine Magbuhos of the Philippines examines the persistent problem of clogged roads in Beijing and offers some potential solutions.

Global Business Journalism reporter Justin Olsvik of Canada investigates the maple syrup cartel that keeps consumer prices artificially high and may be damaging the industry, as well.

GBJ professor Rick Dunham's data journalism team published a special report on the employment challenges faced by Chinese university graduates. In this article, GBJ reporter Charmaine Magbuhos explains how the struggles of China's once-booming technology sector have hurt the job market for new college grads.

GBJ reporter Maraia B. Vula provides sage advice on how to explain stock market trends to your readers in this GBJ journalism tipsheet.

Veteran foreign correspondent Thanos Dimadis from Greece offered Global Business Journalism students advice on how to get started as a foreign correspondent and how to build your business. GBJ reporter Minhan Hua has the report.

Our partners at the international Journalists' Network (IJNet) provide advice on how to get the most out of ChatGPT as a reporter. IJNet's Marina Hochstein notes that here are some potential pitfalls to watch out for, though.

With the world's climate becoming one of the most important topics for media coverage, international Journalists' Network (IJNet) reporter Annie Jennemann shares tips to help every reporter become a better environmental reporter.


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The TSJC is one of the Top 10 journalism schools in China.
The Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication, home to the Global Business Journalism program

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