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Global Business Journalism students welcome classmates back to campus in new Tsinghua Vlog

Second-year Global Business Journalism reporter Haroon Hayat has become a celebrity on the Tsinghua University campus as creator of the Tsinghua Vlog on YouTube. This week, Hayat posted his first vlog of the 2020-2021 academic year with a video welcoming students back to the Beijing campus.

The Pakistani student was joined in the latest Tsinghua Vlog by Katherin Thouvenin, a first-year Global Business Journalism student from France. While most of the program's international students remain in their home countries because of coronavirus travel restrictions, Thouvenin and Hayat were in Beijing at the time of the original outbreak and have remained in China through the global pandemic.

Orientation for GBJ students concludes on September 11. Classes are scheduled to begin on September 14.

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