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Job opp: Tsinghua j-school seeks international students for new global media and campus events teams

Do you have an idea about how to make the Global Business Journalism, the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication, and the wider Tsinghua community better for international students? Are you already a master at event organizing or interested in planning events and content?

If your creative idea is approved by the GBJ Office, it will be implemented. We will work with you on making it happen and are here to help make your idea a reality!

We will be collaborating with other university departments to organize special events and give you all a chance to socialize, network, and gain new skills while having fun and helping others!

What's professionally rewarding and lots of fun? Our new events and media teams.

Teams to work with

1. Activities & Events Team
2. Media & Promotion Team

Position 1: Team member

You will be creating content, and producing and editing videos (from short videos to mini-documentaries) for the GBJ websites and social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and WeChat.

Job Responsibilities:

• Event planning

• Content creating

• Covering news & events

• Photography

• Video producing & editing

• Visual design

Position 2: Team leader

You will be an active member of the community, managing a team to plan and organize both academic and leisure events for students in the University throughout a semester.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Team leaders need to attend weekly brainstorming meetings scheduled by the GBJ Office.

Position 3: Project/activity leader

We are seeking creative, highly organized leaders to help us execute unforgettable events that will create awareness for the GBJ program.

Job Responsibilities:

  • You will be responsible for conceptualizing ideas for the events and managing a team to realize and market the activity.

  • Project/Activity leaders must plan and organize one event during the semester at a minimum.

You can see your innovative ideas become reality ... and we will fund it.

Students are not restricted to joining only one team. You’re encouraged to join different teams/positions/projects/activities!

You will receive a subsidy according to your contribution and working hours.

Once an event idea is approved by the TSJC, we will help leaders apply for an event/activity budget if needed.

* International students under a scholarship must contribute to the GBJ or Tsinghua community. You can contribute by joining a team as a core member or deep participating in at least two projects/activities each semester.

We're looking for team leaders – or anybody who has a good idea.

How to apply

Please send an email to including the following information:

• Name

• Student number

• Contact information

• Desired position

• A 50-word description of "why you fit the position"

Applications are due by Monday, October 24.

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