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On-campus registration begins at Tsinghua; most international students prepare for remote learning

With the coronavirus epidemic under control in China, Tsinghua University began on-campus registration for graduate students on August 25.

But while Chinese students and faculty are returning to campus for the fall semester, most international students and faculty are preparing to attend (and teach) classes remotely.

Two of the 16 international students in the incoming Class of 2020 are currently in Beijing, while the remaining students and Professors Lee Miller and Rick Dunham will rely on online platforms. The courses taught by Professors Dunham and Miller will take place online. Some Global Business Journalism courses taught by Chinese faculty will take place in classrooms but made available to remote students via online platforms.

Global Business Journalism orientation is scheduled to begin the week of August 31. Classes are set to begin on Monday, September 14.

"I am deeply grateful to our students for their flexibility, resilience and enthusiasm," said Professor Dunham, the program's co-director. "We look forward to a semester of innovative education and invaluable learning."

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