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Relax! Maria Rincon shares 3 steps to effective meditation (and stats on the global meditation biz)

Maria Rincon makes a presentation in the Global Business Journalism classroom at Tsinghua University.

Stressed out?

Need a break from job, family or homework?

Tired of worrying about the pandemic, global conflicts or job hunting?

Global Business Journalism reporter Maria Rincon has some advice for you. In this video from the Global Business Journalism YouTube channel, Maria calmly walks us through three easy steps to more effective meditation.

She also points out that meditation is one of the quiet success stories of global business over the past decade. Whether it's meditation-related business or apps, the trend lines are up, up, up. She presents plenty of data to back up her assertions.

As GBJ Professor Lee Miller always reminds us, "Show, don't tell." And Maria shows us in this video created as a final project for Professor Miller's Data Mining course.

Enjoy the video!

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