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Shopping in the time of coronavirus

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Global Business Journalism guest lecturer Patrick Casey takes precautions to minimize the chances of contracting the coronavirus.

As more people in Beijing begin venturing out, the government has issued guidelines to help people stay healthy while shopping for necessities.

If you're in China during the early weeks of this spring semester, we're thinking of you. If you're among those people fanned out around the world, we hope you're adjusting to the "new normal" as smoothly as possible.

For your information, here are the government issued guidelines for grocery shopping:

  1. Everyone who enters the supermarket must wear a mask.

  2. Try to avoid crowded areas, and avoid taking elevators.

  3. Before entering the supermarket, cooperate with the staff and accept any requests for temperature testing.

  4. Keep a distance of at least one meter between yourself and others. (Impossible!)

  5. Try to pay with WeChat, Alipay, or other mobile payment methods (as opposed to cash or cards, which both require physical contact).

  6. Buy in bulk in order to reduce the number of times you need to go shopping. Wear disposable gloves. (We are not wearing gloves.)

  7. Take public transport as little as possible, and if possible, walk, cycle, or drive.

  8. Choose well-ventilated, quiet shopping malls and supermarkets.

  9. Make a shopping list ahead of time and do not loiter and chat, so as to shorten the amount of time you spend in the store.

  10. Upon returning home, wash your hands immediately with running water and soap, remove articles with outer packaging and discard, or spray with disinfectant before removal. Wash fresh produce and cook all food thoroughly before consumption.

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