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Slowly, work life is resuming in Beijing; GBJ journalists are on the front lines of news coverage

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Global Business Journalism alumnus Zhou Jaxin (Jarchine) reports for CGTN. (Facebook photo)

Global Business Journalism classes will begin by remote control on Monday, February 17, using the Zoom website. But even as Tsinghua University creates virtual classrooms, some newsrooms are beginning to resume daily operations.

Here's a video from CGTN's The Point with Liu Xin. If you check it out, you can see former GBJ guest lecturer Michael Jordan with the crew. Other Global Business Journalism grads including Zhou Jaxin (Jarchine) and Yu Bokun (Melodia) are at work for CCTV. When the world's biggest story is breaking all around you, a journalist's first mission is to spread reliable, timely, accurate information.

Among out current students, second-year Global Business Journalism reporter Betsy Joles has been doing terrific multimedia work published in a wide variety of news outlets, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, Al Jazeera and National Public Radio. First-year student Haroon Hayat has produced a video in Urdu discussing Pakistani-Chinese relations amid the coronavirus epidemic.

Good luck to everyone as we take the first small steps toward resuming normal life.

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