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Student Q&A: Chinese journalist Guo Hua embraces GBJ's "inclusive, big family" from around the world

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Back to school: Guo Hua hopes to learn journalism skills that make him a better storyteller.


Global Business Journalism reporter

Guo Hua has chosen as his English name "Light." As a journalist, he tries to shed light on the world through his reporting. As a graduate student in the Global Business Journalism program, he hopes to learn new skills that will help him better tell stories about China to a global audience in coming years. A reporter at China Central Television (CCTV), he was interviewed by fellow journalist – and classmate – Yan Huan, herself a correspondent for People's Daily in Madrid, Spain.

Q: Can you use three words, three photos, and three dates to describe yourself, your family, and your work?

A: About myself, I would say “optimistic.” The date would be January 3, 1990, when I was born.

About my family, I choose “harbor.” The big time for my family is May 8, 2019, when my son came to our world.

And about my work, I would like to say “serious” and August 30, 2012, when I started my career.




Q: Why did you chose the Global Business Journalism program – GBJ?

A: I hope I can learn to think about business content from a journalistic perspective. In addition, I want to better my oral and written English skills

Q: What makes you feel most excited about the program?

A: After I was officially admitted to the program, I found I am actually part of an inclusive, big family. I am excited that my classmates and fellows come from various countries. They see things from varied angles, which benefits me a lot.

Guo Hua: "GBJ offers me a widened horizon, which makes me more effective in my news reporting."

Q: To what extent do you think your current job as a CCTV journalist is relevant to GBJ? Has the program brought inspiration into your career?

A: GBJ offers me a widened horizon, which makes me more effective in my news reporting. I hope to be a better journalism professional due to the program, so I can help more people understand China more and more profoundly.

Q: In 15 years, when your son becomes a freshman in university, will you suggest Tsinghua and GBJ for him?

A: Tsinghua, as well as GBJ, will be a top platform to help him broaden his horizon. I hope that he can have the opportunity to enjoy this platform and make every second count.

Guo Hua: "Make every second count."

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