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A Myanmar travel documentary is the latest project of GBJ graduate Viktoria Fricova

Global Business Journalism graduate Viktoria Fricova​ of Slovakia has a versatile skill set. She works on the business side of the popular Beijing website Timeout Beijing. She writes news and feature stories. And she appears in short-form documentaries, both in front of and behind the camera.

Viktoria has just debuted a mini-documentary on her 2019 trip to #Myanmar (widely known as Burma).

"Expect to see my happy selfie face (several times), #Bagan, #Yangon, totally unspoiled beaches of #Dawei, and just a lot of beautiful places," the 2017 Tsinghua University graduate says. "The video was simply recorded on my phone, I hope it can make feel as if you were there with me."

"Viktoria was always a creative multimedia storyteller during her GBJ days at 清华大学 Tsinghua University​," said Global Business Journalism co-director Rick Dunham. "We're glad to see she's still telling entrancing stories, and proving that a smartphone can be an effective camera for documentary filmmaking."

Take a look at the mini-documentary yourself.

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