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Co-directors Hang Min, Rick Dunham congratulate Global Business Journalism grads in Zoom celebration

Most of the 2021 Global Business Journalism graduating class was outside of China on commencement day, celebrating the successful completion of their master's studies via digital devices. But program co-directors Rick Dunham and Hang Min wanted GBJ's international students to know that they had accomplished remarkable things amid difficult circumstances.

In her remarks, Professor Hang congratulated the 2021 graduating class and said students on campus were sharing "a very exciting moment" with graduating classmates around the world.

"At this moment, we are connected so closely to each other to join the happiness," she said. "I wish all of our graduates good luck and I wish you a happy journey ahead."

GBJ's 2021 graduating class included 11 Chinese students and 14 international students from 10 nations, including three from Canada and two from Japan.

2021 graduate Nico Gous is congratulated by his academic adviser, Chen Changfeng, executive dean of the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication

"I am deeply grateful for the sacrifices all of you have made to successfully complete the GBJ program," Professor Dunham said during an hourlong Zoom celebration that followed the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication's commencement on June 25. "Congratulations to Maria, Stella, Nico, Fumie, Yasu, Natalie, Rachael, Tarif, Helen, Vivian, Angela, Jacob, Bapati and Haroon. You represent 10 nations on five continents. In my opinion, you are the most talented class since the program began in 2007."

Professor Dunham praised the students for their persistence in overcoming medical, technological and logistical obstacles.

"I realize that none of you signed up for the program expecting to spend three of your four semesters outside of China," he said. "I regret that you did not have the full Chinese experience, which is a big part of the GBJ program. But I commend you for your adaptability and your hard work. Despite our distance, I believe we have made personal and professional connections that will benefit all of us for years to come. And I believe the journalism, business and critical thinking skills you have learned during your time in the GBJ program will make you better journalists or better professionals in any field you choose."

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