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Conquering COVID: Global Business Journalism student from India describes his battle with the virus

Tekchand Sonawane was a journalist in India for more than a decade before joining the Global Business Journalism program in 2020.


The coronavirus pandemic has been a global challenge on so many levels, and the Global Business Journalism Program has adapted well to the remote learning model over the past year.

But our students have faced significant risks in their home countries as they pursue their master's degrees. One of our most popular students, Tekchand Sonawane of India, was diagnosed with COVID-19 last month and has faced a protracted recovery.

Global Business Journalism colleague Sewon Madeline Lee produced a slideshow in which Teks describes his battle to overcome COVID. GBJ co-director Rick Dunham transformed Madeline's slideshow into a video.

In today's multimedia journalism world, we are all constantly experimenting with ways to tell compelling stories. Take a look at both of them and compare their storytelling approaches.

Here's the YouTube video version of Madeline's story...

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