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Diversity of Global Business Journalism is on display at Tsinghua's 110th anniversary gala

Katherin Thouvenin performs at the 110th anniversary gala.

Yang Chenxi, Zhou QIng'an and Katherin Thouvenin represented the Global Business Journalism program and the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication


Global Business Journalism reporter

The Global Journalism Program's multicultural make-up was on display as Tsinghua University celebrated its 110th anniversary in a springtime gala performance.

GBJ student Katherine Thouvenin of France took part in one of the shows at the Zijing Playground. She performed in a song called "Happy Birthday, Tsinghua," which was sung in the six official languages of the United Nations to give Tsinghua best wishes on its anniversary. Katherine, whose cultural background is French and Chinese, was the representative to sing in French.

Qing’an Zhou, who is a journalism professor and Deputy Dean of School of Journalism and Communication, was the anchor of the night's festivities.

Chenxi Yang, a master's student in the journalism school, was responsible for all the performance costumes for the night.

Tsinghua University was founded in 1911 after the land on which the university resides, Qinghua Yuan, was donated by the Qing Dynasty to the public for the creation of an institution of higher learning. Qinghua Yuan was previously an imperial garden connected to what is now the Yuan Ming Yuan historical area.

The Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication was created in 2002. The Global Business Journalism master's program, a partnership with the International Center for Journalists and Bloomberg News, was launched in 2007. Students from more than 65 countries have participated in the GBJ program over the past 14 years, helping to improve the quality of business news coverage in China and around the world.

Click on this link for the video of the three anniversary shows, recorded on April 25:

International students took part in the celebration of Tsinghua's 110th anniversary.

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