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Student Q&A: Tarif Hasnain is learning "almost everything that I wanted to learn" in GBJ courses

Tarif Hasnain: "Nothing is difficult if you do it from your heart."

Tarif Hasnain, a reporter from Bangladesh, was attracted to the Global Business Journalism program at Tsinghua because of its practical courses, its faculty of experienced international journalists, and its cross-cultural environment. He was interviewed by fellow first-year GBJ student Muadh Ali of Oman.

Q: What do you hope to get out of the GBJ program?

A: I hope I can learn the basics of journalism from all the veteran teachers who spent years in journalism. I expect to broaden my knowledge and improve my skills. I want to learn about other cultures from international students who are my classmates in GBJ, and I hope to share my culture with them as well.

2- What are you going to focus on most during your two in the program?

A: I want to become a sports journalist. I will be focusing on reporting, writing, multimedia reports, analysis, and, most importantly, photography. I love photography.

Q: What has been the most difficult thing you have faced while studying in GBJ courses?

A: Nothing is difficult if you do it from your heart. Still, there are always some things that trouble you. This my first time away from home and I don't have too many people from my country here at Tsinghua.

Q: What is your favorite course and why?

A: The Media Practice and Multimedia Reporting courses are really important for me. Because in these courses, I'm learning almost everything that I wanted to learn. Especially the Multimedia Reporting. I created a blog for the first time and started making infographics with the help of Professor Rick [Dunham]. I'm enjoying this course.

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