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Tsinghua hosts first international conference of media researchers ever held on Chinese mainland

The Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication made history this summer by becoming the first mainland Chinese university ever to host the annual meeting of international university researchers specializing in journalism and communications issues.

About 2,000 scholars from more than 100 countries took part in the annual meeting of the International Association of Media and Communication Researchers. Chinese professors attended five days of events on the Tsinghua campus while international scholars took part remotely.

Global Business Journalism co-director Hang Man and Tsinghua journalism school executive dean Chen Changfeng were hosts of the meeting, which focused on the topic "Communication Research in the Era of Neo-Globalization."

Participants from more than 100 countries took part in the conference hosted by the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication.

Tsinghua was named host of the 2020 conference of the prestigious journalism and communication organization at the IAMCR's 2019 meeting in Spain. But the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan forced Tsinghua to delay its host duties for two years.

Among the Global Business Journalism officials who took part in the conference were Professor Hang, who also is the TSJC's associate dean for international outreach, co-director Rick Dunham, co-founder Li Xiguang, and Professors Lee Miller, Kuang Kai and Zhang Li. The conference featured three general sessions, 15 thematic meetings and 18 work groups for panel discussions and workshops.

Global Business Journalism reporter Katherin Thouvenin of France, a 2022 GBJ graduate, served as the video host of the conference and starred in a closing video summing up the week's events.

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