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Tsinghua journalism school volunteers pitch in as university immunizes 20,000 in one day


Global Business Journalism reporter

When Tsinghua University students put their minds to something, there's almost nothing they can't do. That goes for academics, and it goes for combatting the coronavirus too.

More than 650 student volunteers turned out on Mar. 7 as about 20,000 Tsinghua University students and faculty members were vaccinated for COVID-19 at three campus sites. Among them were 50 students from the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication who spent the morning working at different vaccination stations.

With the help of these volunteers, Tsinghua effectively completed the vaccination of all students who volunteered to be vaccinated in a single day.

The volunteers were on hand at every single step of the vaccination process. Some volunteers guided the students to line up outside the site. Some took people’s temperature at the entrance to make sure no one who had a fever. Some helped students fill out documents and distributed vaccines wearing medical protective clothing.

Most Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication students are attending classes on campus this semester. But a majority of the journalism school's international students, including most Global Business Journalism international students, are taking courses remotely via Zoom or Tencent.

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